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Best care for our breasts

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All women are different. We, therefore, may all have different health concerns regarding our breasts. My concerns as a woman may be different to those of a woman younger than me, who has just had a baby and is breastfeeding for the first time. My concerns may also differ to those of an older woman, who is aware that breast cancer runs in her family. We can all take comfort, however, that medical assistance is available to us, whatever our breast health concerns may be.


Breastfeeding can prove tricky, especially if you’re a new mom. Fortunately, support is available. I, for example, would book a lactation consultation to learn how to find the best nursing position, increase milk supply and manage breastfeeding pain.

As of 2022, Bestmed Medical Scheme offers one lactation consultation with a registered nurse or lactation specialist as part of its maternity benefits across all benefit options.

Breast reduction

If you suffer from chronic back, neck and/or shoulder pain, nerve pain, restricted movement, and/or a chronic rash or other skin irritation under your breasts due to large breasts, you may have considered breast reduction as a solution.

The good news is that Bestmed, as of 2022, offers medically necessary breast reduction surgery, including fees for the surgeon and anaesthetist, at 100% Scheme tariff on the Pace4 benefit option. The benefit includes R50 000 per family per annum, and is subject to funding protocols and pre-authorisation. © Bestmed Medical Scheme 2021 Bestmed is a registered medical scheme (Reg. no. 1252) and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP no. 44058). Page 2 of 2


Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among women in South Africa. Early detection gives us ladies the best chance of beating it. A mammogram is a diagnostic procedure that helps detect growths in our breasts, especially those that aren’t necessarily detected during our important self-checks.

From 2022, Bestmed’s mammogram benefit is available as a preventative care benefit to women 40 years and above, once every 24 months across all benefit options, including Beat1 (previously unavailable on this option). A Bestmed Pulse1 Network family practitioner or Pulse1 specialist designated service provider (DSP) needs to refer all Pulse1 beneficiaries.

Oncology care programme

In the unfortunate event that you are diagnosed with breast cancer, Bestmed offers support through its Oncology care programme. The Scheme also gives us the option to switch to a higher benefit option (Pace3 and Pace4), which gives us access to enhanced oncology benefits and resources to help us fight against the disease.

Symmetrising surgery

Bestmed also covers breast cancer-related reconstructive surgery at 100% Scheme tariff on the Pace2 to 4 benefit options. This may include symmetrising, partial or total mastectomy on the unaffected (non-cancerous) breast of a breast cancer patient. The benefit limit for 2022 is R38 294 and is subject to pre-authorisation.

Switch to Bestmed

For benefits that are Personally Yours and cater for our specific healthcare needs women, switch to Bestmed. Visit www.bestmed.co.za or SMS your name to 44425. Standard rates and T’s and C’s apply.

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