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Celebrate Good Times! – Baking the Best Birthday Feast During Lockdown

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April 2020 – Your birthday is a special occasion and this year, thanks to Lockdown, you or one of your family member’s may be celebrating your birthday at home. Why not create a delicious birthday menu that will have your family celebrating in style?

Grace Stevens – master baker, cake maker, and mother of four – celebrated her birthday on the 20th of April and was determined to make her birthday one to remember, despite Lockdown.

Grace shared her menu with us, starting with a delicious warm savoury breakfast, easy home-made pizza for lunch and a delicious sponge cake to top the celebrations off.

To start she made wonderful savoury sweetcorn fritters which pair perfectly with in-season avocados or a gorgeous soft poached egg. Sweetcorn fritters are a delicious warm alternative to pancakes and are especially good as the weather turns chilly. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or not, this recipe is sure to turn any cool morning into a wonderful one.

Next up is a treat of home-made pizza. Everyone the world over is missing take-out and the whole family is sure to love this birthday treat. Apart from this recipe tasting just like your much-loved local pizza restaurant, rolling pizza is loads of fun for both parents and kids. Top with your favourite pizza toppings and this lockdown party is one for the books.

No birthday would be complete without a birthday cake and Grace spoiled herself and her family with her irresistibly delicate, light and fluffy vanilla bean sponge cake.

Nothing says I love you like a beautifully decorated cake and you can give your cake a touch of simple splendour with some buttercream icing and any sweets and treats that you have in the house. Most importantly do not forget to get creative with the candles!

With these recipes, a fantastic playlist, some homemade birthday cards packed with love, a glass of something glorious and virtually ‘Zoomed in’ loved ones, you will be all set for a fabulous birthday feast.

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