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Keep your family healthy with trusted medical solutions from MNI

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All-in-one medical solutions for better family health

Combat the effects of PCOS, optimise fertility and ovary function

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a serious genetic, metabolic and reproductive disorder that affects 1 in 5 women. It’s the leading cause of female infertility, and can also lead to lifelong complications and other serious conditions including severe anxiety and depression, obesity, endometrial cancer, type 2 diabetes, liver disease and cardiovascular disease. Most women live with PCOS without realising that they have it, and that it can be treated.

Most often, symptoms first appear in adolescence, around the start of menstruation. However, some women do not develop symptoms until their early to mid-20s, which persist through and beyond the reproductive years.

The main symptoms present as any combination of the following:

• Infrequent, irregular or lengthy menstrual cycles (30–50% have no periods at all)

• Difficulty falling pregnant and low fertility (>90% are infertile)

• Heavy bleeding (irregular periods can lead to heavier bleeding when menstruation does occur)

• Weight gain or difficulty losing weight

• Abnormal hair growth, often on the upper lip, chin, around the nipples and in a line beneath the navel

(60-95% of persons)

• Thinning hair or male-pattern baldness

• Acne

• Darkening of the skin, particularly along neck creases, the groin and underneath breasts

• Skin tags (small growths or bumps of skin, especially in the armpits or neck area)

• Ovarian cysts

Each person can experience varying degrees of the symptoms – some may have just one or two while others have


Fortunately, The Medical Nutritional Institute (MNI) has developed NEW OviVance tablets. It’s the only product that contains the unique Inoline-F blend to helps address PCOS and its symptoms, optimise female health and combat insulin resistance related to common reproductive metabolic disorders.

OviVance is a natural blend of scientifically-researched ingredients and can assist with:

• Optimal female health

• Natural support for PCOS and its


• Irregular periods and abnormal hair


• Enhancement of fertility

• Optimal foetal health and development

• Improving blood sugar control while


• Difficulty losing weight

OviVance is the perfect all-in-one solution for mom and baby, and works well with other prescribed medications,  containing vital vitamins and minerals in optimal amounts; making it safe to take before and during pregnancy.

Combat damaging stress and mental exhaustion; optimise calmness and concentration

Most of us experience stress on an ongoing basis. What we don’t realise is that excessive stress is far more dangerous than we realise! Extreme and chronic stress in children can result in weakened bodily systems and even impaired brain function. Adults experiencing excessive stress puts them at risk of developing chronic illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression.

Your Stress could be Affecting Your Children!

Childhood is an incredible time of growing, learning and adjusting to new experiences, but today’s children seem to be carrying increasing burdens of stress which can impact their development. There is a disturbing trend in

which children as young as eight years old are showing high levels of anxiety and parents could be underestimating how their own stress may be affecting their children on both psychological and physical levels. Every child reacts to stress in their own way and it is important for parents to be alert to possible signs of stress such as changes in behaviour, emotional eruptions, withdrawal, difficulty coping at school or chronic health problems. Teaching children about how to identify and manage their stress in healthy ways will help them to learn good behavioural patterns which they will benefit from later in life.

Parents need to recognise their own stress and take action when circumstances are leading to toxic stress responses in the family. Together with making lifestyle changes, it is beneficial to make use of nutrients and vitamins that are proven to assist with mental fatigue and alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

At the Medical Nutritional Institute (MNI), we understand that stress affects your mental health, but also your general health too. Which is why we developed NeuroVance, a medical solution made up of a unique blend of scientific-natural ingredients to optimise healthy brain function, without acting as a sedative or stimulant.

Its multi-modal pharmaceutical action enhances separate but interconnected components of brain function, thereby giving your brain a physiological advantage during demanding and stressful periods. NeuroVance works FAST to combat stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion. It also improves concentration and helps you to think faster atschool or work. It comes in a tasty syrup for kids and is safe for daily use.

Whether it’s your husband, partner, yourself or the children, anyone in the family suffering from mental exhaustion, stress or emotional hardship can benefit from NeuroVance.

For more informantion about OviVance, NeuroVance and keeping your family safe, visit mnilifestyle.co.za. You’ll also find informative assessments, exercise and meals plans and support through our ‘ask the experts’ portal.

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