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Top supplements SA moms are giving kids to boost immunity

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Parents have seen the benefit of boosting their children’s immunity as they returned to school to face their first winter without lockdown measures. 

According to a survey conducted by Pharma Dynamics, a leading pharmaceutical provider, the top health supplements South African moms are giving kids are:

·       Multivitamin-minerals (73%)

·       Vitamin C (46%)

·       Immune boosters (37%)

·       Zinc (23%)

·       Vitamin D (20%)

·       Calcium (20%)

·       Iron (17%)

·       Omega-3 fatty acids (16%)

·       Probiotic (10%)

Nicole Jennings, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics, says many parents are seeing the benefit of multivitamins and immune-boosting supplements – which include vitamin C, D and zinc – to keep their children healthy. 

“While getting nutrients from food remains the best source, sometimes our busy schedules interfere with the best of intentions – and even when we do prepare healthy meals, our kids turn their noses up at it. This can make healthy eating a real battle.

“Supplements are available to fill nutrient deficiencies and can provide essential vitamins and minerals to support growth and development in children.”

Based on the survey, most moms supplement their children with one multivitamin (64%) per day, while 29% supplement with two and 7% with three or more. The majority is doing so to improve overall health (67%) and to boost immunity (39%). 

Jennings says consumers are looking at supplements as a relatively affordable way to stay healthy. “While taking immune supplements won’t necessarily prevent an infection, it can support the body’s natural defence mechanism, which may reduce symptoms and improve recovery time.”

She adds that, “Many GPs are still prescribing vitamin C, D and zinc to patients. Products like efferflu C Immune Booster, already a trusted name among South Africans which contains vitamin C and zinc – both purported to play a role in reducing colds and flu symptoms – is a popular choice and is also available in a kids’ formulation.”

Jennings says in combination with other healthy living strategies such as regular exercise, healthy eating and getting enough sleep, taking supplements to fill the nutrient gaps should go a long way to strengthen your and your children’s natural defences against infection.

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