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Magwall: Magnetic fun for the whole family

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Evidence indicates that an adult’s successes and emotional well-being have roots in early childhood. We know that if we get it right in the early years, we can expect to see children thrive throughout school and their adult lives. Good early childhood education is pivotal in this. And we know that kids learn best if they actively participate and are engaged.
What if a wall in your home could easily become a funky, interactive space for children and adults simply by painting it with a magnetic paint? A recently launched, high-quality paint, Magwall, can transform internal walls, and other surfaces, into magnetic receptive surfaces for magnetic products. Magwall’s ready-made educational products include alphabets and numbers, puzzles, shapes and colours, farm and wild animals, pets, sea life, insects, transport, seasons, words and emojis. Another option is the ‘do-it-yourself’ magnetic paper for photos and pictures compatible with home printers. It is easy to create and change memory walls, fun pictures and your own magnetic products. The application is ideal for any environment, especially homes, schools and businesses
Karen Temlett, founder of moms’ and toddlers’ activity centre, Time2gether and teacher of 20 years, says: “I used Magwall with my two to four year old groups and they loved it! It was a wonderful, fun, interactive learning experience which the toddlers took to it immediately. The experience, learning and developmental aspects kids are exposed to by using this product, are phenomenal – spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, pincer grip, matching, bi-lateral coordination, colour and shape recognition, visual perception and language development.
“The moms loved the product too, especially as it’s possible to paint over the magnetic coat in the same colour as the interior of a house or playroom.
“I believe this concept is the ideal way for kids to learn through active participation and fun and is an essential for any home, school or office.”

How to create your own magnetic wall:
• Choose the space you want to use – a wall, cupboard or door in the kids’ rooms; a wall in the kitchen or family room. Make sure the surface you are going to paint is smooth and clean,
• Paint the wall with Magwall magnetic primer. One litre/tin covers 2sq/m x 3 coats. It is important to paint three coats to ensure maximum magnetic receptiveness. Stir the paint before each coat until it is consistent throughout (5 minutes should do the trick)-
• When the primer is dry, you can paint over it with any colour PVA paint or blackboard paint and it will still be magnetic receptive.
• You are now ready to have fun on the wall with the wide range of exciting Magwall magnetic products.

To find out more, go to www.magwall.co.za or contact mike@magwall.co.za.

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