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Why you should consider a career in grade R teaching

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If you’re passionate about something, be it drawing, reading or numbers, it’s likely a teacher inspired you at an early age. Children approach the world with a sense of innocence, curiosity and wonder. They need direction. It’s no surprise the field is a deeply fulfilling path. Shaping and motivating a future generation is a wonderful opportunity to make a direct impact in society.

Enjoy a rewarding career

 Besides being a satisfying calling, becoming a Grade R teacher is a financially viable career option. According to Payscale, a special education Grade R teacher can earn as high as R277 000 per year. Our government strongly believes in recruiting top talent and has made strides to ensure Grade R teaching is attractive for future teachers. In 2019, for example during SADTU’s ninth national congress, President Cyril Ramaphosa called for better pay for Grade R teachers and Early Childhood Development practitioners.

He stated that the government had moved early childhood development education from social development to the engine room of our country in education. “Our teachers are the economic players and they need to make sure that a learner is stimulated enough to become a participant in the country’s economy,” he said.

Entrepreneurship in Preschool Education

 With so much attention and importance being placed on early childhood development, venturing into business within this field doesn’t only open doors for personal fulfilment and financial security, but also provides valuable contributions to the country in terms of job creation and access to education. Lyceum’s Faculty of Education programmes empower those with a passion for teaching with the appropriate skills and knowledge to the curricula, and to optimise any teaching-learning environment.

Having the correct educational backing equips one with the necessary know-how regarding the correct procedures, implementation and management processes that must be followed when registering a day-care centre and running a Grade R class.

Teaching profession offers job-security

While South Africa’s economic growth may be slow, the teaching profession won’t feel the pinch. During recessions, being a teacher is a stable and secure career. More and more children are also being given the gift of education, creating new positions for education specialists. Last year April the first global report by the UN Children’s Fund (Unicef) on pre-primary education commended South Africa for its strides in pre-primary enrolment. The report noted that 96.6% of 6-year-olds attended an educational institution.

Work anywhere in the world

Grade R teachers are in huge demand overseas. Having the right qualification can give you the ability and confidence to teach in many places in the world. If you like to travel, Grade R teaching is ideal to get you exposed to new cultures and fresh perspectives.”

Feel valued every day

 Being a Grade R teacher gives you a powerful sense of purpose. You are pivotal to providing knowledge and developing a child socially, physically and emotionally.

They play an important role in helping to build their foundation. It’s a huge responsibility, but it’s a chance to make a lasting impression.

Embrace your “little” people person

Children are social creatures. They’re always ready for songs, dances and to ask as many questions as possible. If you have a vibrant personality, being a Grade R teacher will keep you engaged. With children, no one day is the same. You’ll go home with a smile and an amusing story to share with a loved one.

Get more “me” time to do what you love

Grade R teaching is demanding, but the working hours offer a superb incentive. Finishing off before 4pm allows teachers to get in well-deserved family and personal time. Being given paid time off during school holidays is also a bonus!

Explore your Grade R teaching ambitions

Potential Grade R teachers have several education options to achieve their dream career. Arguably, distance learning is the best. Being able to study when and how you want, brings flexibility and convenience to your life.

As a distance education leader for over a hundred years, Lyceum College has prepared thousands of teachers for the challenges of the classroom. With a dedicated Student Success Centre and qualified tutors, its students enjoy constant academic support.

You can enrich young lives with a Diploma in Grade R Teaching, 2021 registration is now.

Even though the world fights a global pandemic, learning to adapt and planning for the future has become of utmost importance. Lyceum understands this, which is why for a limited time only, you can register to commence with your studies in 2021 and pay 2020 fees.

For more information regarding this offer, enrolment process and entry requirements visit www.lyceum.co.za, call 0860 100 705 or email info@lyceum.co.za

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