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Living eco with kids

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At Loved by Nature we believe in raising eco-friendly children. After all, our kids are the future of the planet. It’s important that as parents we act as great role models for our little ones. From choosing sustainable clothing to using natural skin care products. So, we are here to help with some green tips so you can live eco with your kids.

Choose sustainable clothing:

Organic products are always best, and the same can be said for what you dress yourself and your little one in. Natural and organic clothing tends to be high quality and much better for the planet, making them essential for babies and younger children – but also people of all ages.

We highly recommend investing in sustainable clothing. Not only will it feel good on your skin, but you will be helping the planet too. Boody’s organically-grown bamboo clothing for mum, dad and bub has everything you need to be kind to your family and the environment. The benefits of using bamboo clothing are endless from its incredibly soft fabric to its breathable and moisture-wicking qualities. Boody baby has an adorable collection of practical clothing essentials, perfect for play and sleep. Boody has also recently launch a capsule collection of women’s sleepwear and loungewear with softness and sustainability at its core. The range comprises of pyjamas, bed socks and other downtime staples, perfect for mum to use pre and post pregnancy.

Use natural skin care:

We all know how delicate a newborn or toddlers’ skin is. And just how we must take care of what we’re feeding them, we must also take care of what we’re putting on their skin and yours, yes, moms you need to take care of yourself too. It’s best to choose organic and natural products that are free from nasty chemicals and toxins. Loved by Nature has an amazing natural skin care range called P’URE Papaya Care. The range comprises of a renew cream, perfect for scaring or stretch marks, Face oil, Multi-use ointment, Vapour balm and Lip balm.

Formulated by naturopaths the ingredients have all been purposefully selected for their healing and moisturising benefits. Papaya (or paw paw) is best known for its rejuvenating enzymes that gently exfoliate and help restore, moisture and renew skin. P’URE Papaya is palm oil, petro chemical and is cruelty-free.

Switch to natural oral care:

It’s important to instil a good oral care routine with children at a young age. But taking care of those pearly whites shouldn’t be at the detriment of our environment, with millions of plastic toothbrushes being tossed on landfills and staying there for years to come you can make the switch and choose WooBamboo a natural oral care range. From bamboo toothbrushes with biodegradable handles to eco silk floss and delicious tasting natural toothpaste, this range takes care of your teeth and the environment.

Make play time eco:

Going eco can be fun, from toys made of wood like puzzles and building blocks and DIY activity kits made from recycled cardboard to fun non-toxic nail polish for those little pamper sessions. Loved by Nature has a range of non-toxic nail polish for kids called Piggy Paint. Piggy Paint is a non-toxic child safe nail polish that is suitable for all ages as well as pregnant moms. The nail polish is alcohol free, virtually odourless and does not peel off. Now mum’s and tots can have fun playing dress up or have a pamper session without the risk of any nasty chemicals harming little fingers and toes.

We hope our green tips help you to make a conscious decision to choose eco for you and your family. To get you started on your eco journey simply click the link http://lovedbynature.co.za sign up to the newsletter and receive 10% OFF your first purchase. Make a simple switch today that your little ones will thank you for tomorrow. Get social with us by following us on Facebook @lovedbynaturesa and on Instagram @lovedbynature_sa.

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