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#WhatTheFanta 2.0: Introducing a mysterious new taste

by Tania Griffin

Fanta® has released its newest creation in the What The Fanta (WTF) line: a unique themed flavour which, for the first time ever, combines scrumptious dessert-inspired notes with an enticing purple hue.

The same Fanta® that you adore has been reinvented with a new taste and a dash of fruity flavour, bringing you an unforgettable fizzy adventure. The newest release under the WTF umbrella, which forms part of The Coca-Cola Company’s ambition to continuously innovate and provide choices across its beverage portfolio, swirls the joy of a premium dessert experience with an aesthetically pleasing, Instagrammable purple colour.

With no added sugar and the perfect balance of tangy and sweet, the new purple Fanta® is a delicious mystery waiting to be solved. Each sip will reveal a riddle for the taste buds, encasing an undisclosed dessert-themed flavour.

“Fanta® is renowned for exciting and engaging consumers with fun new flavours and inspiring campaigns. #WhatTheFanta brings together everything Fanta® does best: disrupting the category by entertaining its growing fanbase while bringing innovative new flavours to market in exciting new ways to recruit new fans,” says Ramokone Ledwaba, marketing director for The Coca-Cola Company in South Africa.  

Are you still on the hunt for more clues? The thrilling adventure extends beyond just the clues on the WTF website. You’ll go on a fun and exciting journey as you run through the streets of Mzansi to find Novel Fanta Token (NFT) clues, which have been carefully dispersed among participating retailers. This will help you submit your guesses for the indulgent new #WhatTheFanta flavour. Everything hides in plain sight – it won’t be a breeze, but it will be worth the while.

Figuring out the mystery flavour can win you amazing prizes including colour-popping Crocs, the new iPhone 15, Airbnb experiences, vouchers and more. Don’t miss out on this mystery flavour hunt!

For more about the indulgent mystery flavour and to submit your guesses and join the hunt, visit the website.

Everyone is invited to explore this new flavour, take a guess, and savour the mystery!

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