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FUTURELIFE’s unique AI wellness experience extended

by Tania Griffin

FUTURELIFE®, a leading health and wellness brand whose overriding goal is to improve the health and well-being of South Africans, launched the ASPIRE2B DIGITAL AI WELLNESS EXPERIENCE at its Canal Walk store in early March this year. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, the free wellness assessment provides customers with personalised insights into their biological age, stress levels and skin condition, and has proven to be an overwhelming success.

“The level of interest and engagement we’ve seen from customers has far exceeded our expectations,” says Justine Agnew, FUTURELIFE® marketing manager. “People are truly fascinated by the technology and eager to better understand their health and well-being. This follows the global shift toward increased health consciousness due to the toll modern-day living takes on one’s physical and emotional health.

“We are thrilled by the response, as FUTURELIFE® is constantly innovating in the field of nutrition and wellness to empower consumers to lead healthier, happier lives.”

The 60-second assessment, typically taking an hour through traditional methods, has resonated with those looking for convenient and insightful ways to optimise their lifestyle choices. Rather than taking a traditional photograph, the Face Scan technology measures the blood flow patterns and pulse rates in the user’s face, offering a novel approach to assessments. This data is then analysed to predict key well-being outcomes, delivering a detailed personalised report with valuable insights for the person.

 “In today’s fast-paced world, consumers appreciate being able to quickly gain a holistic view of their wellness without undergoing a lengthy process,” Agnew adds, “and the ASPIRE2B experience is a perfect example of how AI can support and empower them in their quest for improved well-being. Its capabilities to rapidly produce information can motivate people to take proactive steps toward improving their health, which aligns perfectly with FUTURELIFE®’s desire to inspire positive change.”

Initially introduced as a complimentary limited-time offering, the remarkable response from customers has led FUTURELIFE®  to extend the free ASPIRE2B DIGITAL AI WELLNESS EXPERIENCE to Capetonians until the end of April 2024.

“We’re delighted at the success of this initiative and to be able to continue offering this unique experience to Canal Walk shoppers for a few more weeks,” Agnew says, concluding: “It’s a testament to FUTURELIFE®’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the health and wellness space.”  

If you would like more information, email: canalwalk@futurelife.co.za.

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