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Grade R and tutoring services for a learning fiesta

by Tania Griffin
A picture of a kids park playpen

Hold onto your crayons, folks! @Sandton Kids is turning up the excitement dial as it officially welcomes mini-geniuses up to Grade R and launches personalised tutoring services for the pint-sized scholars cruising from Grade R to Grade 7.

Get ready for a rollercoaster of reading, writing, spelling and homework galore!

Located smack dab in the heart of Sandton on Benmore Road, @Sandton Kids – under the dynamic leadership of headmistress Clarissa Louw – is not just a school; it’s a kiddie utopia.

Louw beams, “Embarking on the adventure of learning should be nothing short of joyous! Our little learners are in for a treat at @Sandton Kids, where education intertwines seamlessly with play. From top-notch educational facilities fostering play-based learning to the boundless delights of our outdoor play area, every activity is tailor-made for their specific age group.

“Now, with great excitement, we’re broadening our horizons to include Grade R. This isn’t just a grade; it’s the cornerstone, the bedrock, laying the foundation for the 12 glorious years of education that follow. Welcome to the heart of learning excitement!”

The school’s ethos has its roots in the belief that children thrive in nurturing environments, and some children are better suited to small class sizes and personalised attention.

But that’s not all, busy parents! Conveniently situated within the @Sandton precinct, @Sandton-Kids is your childcare haven. Open from sunrise (okay, 06h30) to sunset (18h00) during the week, with flexible half-day and full-day options, it’s not just a school for the kiddos – it’s your parenting superhero.

Classrooms? Check. Play areas? Double-check. @Sandton Kids dives into active learning, armed with the “Play Learn Win” curriculum, a magic potion brewed from the National Curriculum Framework and Early Learning and Development Areas. Term-end reports? You got it – your child’s progress, delivered straight to your eager hands.

@Sandton-Kids is not just a school; it’s a playground for possibilities. A safe and nurturing environment, it’s located within the @Sandton precinct that’s also home to @Sandton Apartments and @Sandton Hotel, and caters for residents of the precinct as well as those who live and work in the surrounds.

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