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How technology is shaping the aesthetics industry

by Editor

The rapid development of aesthetic technologies is revolutionising the beauty industry, and is allowing the medical aesthetics industry to thrive.

This is according to Dr Kamlen Pillay, a leading plastic surgeon, and founder of the Specialist Laser and Cosmetic Institute (SCIN), who explains that instead of invasive surgical procedures helping to keep ageing at bay, technological innovations and advances in non-surgical cosmetic procedures have become the norm, and are changing the way people approach medical aesthetics.

A picture of Dr Kamlen Pillay.
Dr Kamlen Pillay

“For starters, technology has made the medical aesthetics industry less expensive and therefore more accessible to a wider, more mainstream audience. You no longer have to be rich to have cellulite reduced or wrinkles and facial lines filled.”

‍Dr Pillay explains that as larger companies drive technological innovation this helps to drive demand. “The industry continues to gain momentum and as word gets out about how easy and affordable it is to, for example, get a Botox injection, or to have your lips filled or your facial creases softened, more and more people are embracing medical aesthetics. In fact, the Global Medical Aesthetics Market report showed that the market is expected to have more than doubled between 2016 and 2024.

“Added to the reduction in costs, new technological advancements have made procedures shorter – and allowed people to get results faster. Many procedures these days are done within an hour, if not within minutes, and some are allowing patients to see rapid – if not instant – results. You can spend weeks and months putting on facial creams, hoping for some results, or you can go into a medical spa and get age spots lasered off after a couple sessions, have wrinkles erased with fillers and Botox, and have stubborn fat toned in a fraction of the time.

“Why spend weeks at the gym trying to reduce some stubborn fat when you can opt for electromagnetic technology for muscle toning and fat burning?” asks Dr Pillay, who goes on to explain that Emsculpt is a breakthrough device that has been making massive waves globally over the last few months (and is now available in South Africa) which offers non-invasive body contouring to eliminate fat and build muscle.

A picture of the Emsculpt machinery which offers non-invasive body contouring to eliminate fat and build muscle.

“With Emsculpt, high intensity focused electromagnetic technology triggers rapid muscle contractions in the treatment region. During a half-hour procedure, you may experience up to 20 000 muscle contractions, a total that is significantly greater than can be achieved during exercise. These muscle contractions stimulate a process that eliminates fat and builds muscle in the treatment region.

“There is also technology that utilises radio frequency and ultrasound energy waves for slimming and skin tightening,” explains Dr Pillay. “Exilis is a no-downtime, no pain, in-office procedure used for both combined skin tightening and non-invasive fat removal and body contouring. It is used to tone skin and improve skin texture while reducing fat, firming skin, reducing wrinkles and it also combats cellulite. Exilis is completed as a series of sessions and delivers radio frequency and ultrasound energy waves as heat below the surface of the skin, safely destroying fat cells, firming skin, and triggering collagen production.

A technology that utilises radio frequency and ultrasound energy waves for slimming and skin tightening

“These are just a few examples of technological advancements in the medical aesthetics industry which are changing the way we do things, revolutionising the results, and driving demand from consumers who want to look and feel better, faster. It is exciting to watch the advancements and evolution of this industry, and to be at the forefront of offering this technology to South African patients,” concludes Dr Pillay.

For more advice and guidance on choosing the correct medical professional for aesthetic treatments contact the Hyde Park Specialist Laser and Cosmetic Institute (SCIN) on 010 350 0800 or email hydepark@scinmed.com. Or contact SCIN Wembley Square in Cape Town on 021 465 6557 or email wecare@scinmed.com. More information can be found on scinmed.com.

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