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Light up your holidays with solar power

by Tania Griffin
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In an exciting development for sustainable energy enthusiasts and homeowners alike, Hohm Energy – a leading provider of solar energy solutions in South Africa – has announced its new end-of-year holiday marketing campaign, “Light Up Your Holidays with Solar Man and Hohm Energy”.

This innovative campaign not only promises to add a sparkle to the festive season but also offers substantial savings and benefits to customers.

A festive season illuminated by solar energy

Following the viral success of its “Funny Festive Solar ad”, Hohm Energy continues to revolutionise the way we think about energy during the festive season. The campaign, which humorously positions a solar installer as more desirable than Santa, has struck a chord with the public, highlighting a growing awareness and need for sustainable energy solutions – even for children.

Unwrapping the December offers

Hohm Energy’s December offerings are designed to make the switch to solar power more accessible and rewarding, and just when you need it:

R5 000 cash-back in December: In a move to make solar energy more attainable, Hohm Energy is offering a R5 000 cash-back to customers who order and install a solar or backup system in December. This cash incentive, directly deposited into your bank account, is a substantial saving and a gesture from Hohm Energy to encourage uptake during a period when we are traditionally cash-strapped.

No activation fees: To further ease the transition to solar energy, Hohm Energy is waiving all activation fees for new customers in December. This initiative is part of Hohm Energy’s commitment to making renewable energy more affordable and accessible to a broader audience.

Free month in January 2024: In a significant gesture of customer appreciation, Hohm Energy is offering a free month of service in January 2024 to all customers who participate in the December offer. This bonus is a testament to Hohm Energy’s dedication to long-term customer satisfaction and sustainable energy solutions.

Beat any quote: Adding to the festive cheer, Hohm Energy is now offering an additional R500 cash incentive to beat any like-for-like subscription quote brought by customers. This bold move ensures Hohm Energy not only matches but exceeds the value offered by competitors, reaffirming its position as a customer-centric and affordable solar provider.

A call to action for a brighter future

Hohm Energy encourages potential customers to seize this limited-time opportunity. The offer, exclusive to December, is a chance to make a positive change not only for the environment but also for personal energy savings.

Tim Ohlsen, CEO of Hohm Energy, adds: “We’re excited to launch our ‘Light Up Your Holidays with Solar Man and Hohm Energy’ campaign this December. It’s more than just a promotion; it’s our vision for a sustainable festive season and a step toward an energy-independent future. With our special offers, including the R5 000 cash-back, we’re not only making solar energy more accessible but also igniting a much-needed conversation about sustainable living in South Africa.”

Beyond the campaign: A commitment to sustainable energy

Hohm Energy’s December campaign is more than a seasonal promotion; it’s a reflection of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing affordable, reliable and sustainable energy solutions. By choosing Hohm Energy, customers are not only benefiting from immediate savings and incentives but are also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

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