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Making solar power accessible to more households

by Tania Griffin

With many South Africans seeking affordable and reliable solar power solutions to protect their homes and businesses from loadshedding, Nedbank has launched its first set of market-leading solar financing packages available on its Avo Solar website.

The packages aim to make greener energy supply accessible to households and businesses of all sizes by offering solar and backup batteries at competitive prices in South Africa. All the packages include full installation by certified, Nedbank-approved solar suppliers and installers only. In addition, all solutions come with a 10-year warranty and certificate of compliance, indicative of the high-quality solar brands on offer.

“South Africans have learnt that the only way to live and do business is to build resilience into their energy mix by harnessing the free power of the sun. To safeguard against unreliable electricity supply and ever-increasing electricity prices, solar and backup power options have never made more sense,” says Ciko Thomas, group managing executive of Retail and Business Banking at Nedbank.

He says Nedbank has put together a range of packages, from Green right through to Platinum and Premium packages, designed to meet most households’ and small businesses’ requirements. However, he says the team is more than ready to create a customised package to suit an individual client’s or business’s specific needs.

It is estimated that an average household could save around R26 000 per year living off the grid. Most people, however, will choose to use solar and battery to reduce the costs of grid-supplied electricity and eliminate much of the inconvenience of blackouts.

A big barrier to adoption is cost: Solar panels and batteries are still not easily accessible to most South Africans. That’s where Nedbank’s ability to provide speedy access to finance, with up to 84 months to pay, has a major role to play in driving inclusivity. “We offer a range of payment options, from cash to secure and convenient finance, through Nedbank,” says Ciko.

“Reducing your exposure to Eskom is an advantage from a cost point of view, and a way to increase the quality of your life or keep your business firing on all cylinders,” he continues. “We are committed to helping the greatest number of South African households and businesses as possible to solve their energy woes with our affordable and reliable solar energy solutions.”

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