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Mr D delivers inspiration (and ingredients) to your door

by Tania Griffin
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Remember the days of watching a cooking show, marvelling at the delicious dishes, then facing the harsh reality of a bare kitchen? Those days are over for South Africans as the highly anticipated cooking show Ready Steady Cook South Africa, in association with Mr D Groceries, aims to transform home cooking.

This innovative collaboration throws open the doors to a world of convenience and culinary exploration. Viewers can now witness mouthwatering dishes come to life on screen, using the very ingredients they can have delivered straight to their doorsteps by Mr D Groceries at in-store pricing within a swift 60 minutes.

Gone are the days of scrambling through your cupboards after a glimpse of the latest culinary masterpiece. With the new partnership, the mystery bag of ingredients delivered by Mr D Groceries on Ready Steady Cook South Africa takes on a whole new meaning. It’s not just about the surprise ingredients – it’s about the knowledge that viewers can effortlessly recreate these dishes at home, without breaking the bank.

“This partnership perfectly aligns with our mission to make cooking prep easy and enjoyable for everyone,” says Su-Lise Tessendorf-Louw, chief marketing officer at Mr D. “By providing viewers with a convenient way to access the show’s ingredients, we’re allowing them to transform into culinary heroes in their own kitchens.”

Ready Steady Cook South Africa promises to be a daily dose of entertainment and inspiration. Hosted by the ever-charismatic Moshe Ndiki, the show throws viewers headfirst into a thrilling cook-off. Teams compete against the clock, wielding their bags of delivered goodness to create delicious masterpieces. Laughter, suspense and valuable cooking tips are all guaranteed, making it a show for home cooks of all skill levels.

That’s the simple yet irresistible recipe followed by Ready Steady Cook South Africa, the thrill-a-minute daily treat with which S3 (formerly known as SABC 3) will spice up its Monday to Friday menu from Monday, 18 March, at 19h00. 

You can also catch show reruns, Mondays to Fridays, on SABC 1 at 15h30 and SABC 2 at 17h30 or tune in for the week’s Ready Steady Cook South Africa omnibus on S3 on Saturdays between 08h00 and 10h30.

The partnership also shines a light on the ever-expanding selection available on-demand. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, you’ll find everything you need to bring the magic of Ready Steady Cook South Africa to your own dinner table.

So, ditch the stress of grocery shopping and tune in! With a convenient delivery option at your fingertips, the journey from TV to a delicious dinner plate is just a click away.

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