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QUIZ: What type of date night should you book for Valentine’s Day?

by Tania Griffin
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Feeling the pressure to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date, but undecided about what would make it truly special for you and your partner? Or perhaps you’re not a fan of the traditional ‘Day of Love’ celebration, but still want to create lasting, magical memories with your loved one?

Fear not! This quiz is designed to help you determine the ideal date for you and your partner – not just for Valentine’s Day but any day of the year.

Samantha Pillay, director of First Loyalty PLUS, a luxury lifestyle reward programme, says: “Date nights are important in every relationship – they are the secret sauce that nurtures stronger connections between couples and the key to making memories that stick. This quiz will help steer you toward an experience tailored to suit your style for those romantic evenings.”

Simply choose the letter of the options for each of the five questions that are the most appropriate for you:

1. When it comes to relaxing and unwinding, which activity do the two of you prefer?

a) Curling up with a good book or binge-watching a favourite TV series

b)Enjoying an excellent meal at a nice restaurant

c) Indulging in self-care and pampering

d) Exploring new places

2. How do you and your partner typically spend quality time together?

a) Watching a good movie

b) Cooking together

c) Going for long walks

d) Trying new experiences

3. What do you value most in a romantic evening?

a) Sharing a cosy and intimate atmosphere

b) Delicious food and interesting conversation

c) Relaxation and connection

d) Creating lasting memories in a new environment

4. What is your ideal way to express love?

a) Through shared interests

b) Through meaningful conversations

c) Through quiet moments together

d) Through adventurous and exciting experiences

5. What do you think your partner’s love language is?

a) Quality Time

b) Words of Affirmation

c) Physical Touch

d) Acts of Service


If you chose:

Mostly As – A Night at the Movies: You and your partner are likely to enjoy a movie night for Valentine’s Day. However, consider making it special with an indoor gourmet picnic for two, complete with candles, both your favourite tipple and a delicious selection of indulgent treats as you curl up to watch. Or, if you usually stay home to watch movies, why not treat yourselves to the latest blockbuster on the big screen?

Mostly Bs – Dinner Date: For you and your partner, a romantic dinner is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s cooking a special meal together or dining out at a new restaurant, a delectable culinary experience and engaging conversation will make for a memorable evening.

Mostly Cs – Sensational Spa Day: A couple’s Spa Day would make for the ideal date on Valentine’s Day for you and your partner. Choose a spa with beautiful surroundings and allow yourselves to be pampered in a tranquil and intimate ambience, providing a perfect opportunity to unwind and deepen your connection.

Mostly Ds – Naughty Night Away: If you mostly chose Ds, a night(s) away with your partner is the perfect choice for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Whether it’s a lavish hotel, a secluded resort or perhaps even an impromptu road trip, sharing your love of new places and experiences will add a touch of spice to your evening.

If you are a little hesitant to splurge on a lavish night out, especially on Valentine’s Day, and want to invest in more frequent date nights and getaways, there’s a solution that aligns with your budget-conscious mindset. Consider joining a loyalty programme like First Loyalty PLUS, where your commitment to building memorable experiences is not only valued but also rewarded.

As a member of First Loyalty PLUS, you gain access to a ton of benefits that cater to your desire for quality time without breaking the bank: 2-for-1 dining experiences, movie nights, discounted spa treatments and even up to 50% off on accommodation and travel!

With these fantastic perks, you can indulge in any one of these four activities throughout the year, making every date night special without compromising your financial goals.

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