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Small backyard farmers add big flavour to Oryx Desert Salt

by Tania Griffin

Oryx Desert Salt has launched its brand-new flavoured salt: Oryx Chilli Salt. The new flavour comes as a result of the company’s exciting collaboration with Backyard Farms (BYF), a local social upliftment enterprise.

BYF has created an innovative supply chain business model, sourcing chillies from township-based home and community gardeners, grown exclusively for BYF food products.

Oryx Chilli Salt is a full-flavoured salt that now adds a spark of chilli-fire warmth to any meal. Chilli flakes make up 20% of the volume of each grinder, so you’re certain to get an umami burst of chilli heat with every grind.

Oryx Desert Salt is a well-established South African brand, known for producing natural, pollution-free salt sourced from the pristine Kalahari Desert. Deep within the desert lies a remote saltpan where crystal salt is harvested from underground streams running through ancient Dwyka rock formations tested to be 280–300 million years old, and then sun-dried under the hot Kalahari sun. The result is a 100% pure, naturally organic, nutritious salt.

Uplifting lives, uplifting flavour

Drawing on his many years of experience working in the food industry and running a variety of entrepreneurial ventures, Dom Johnson-Allen, the passionate driver behind the BYF initiative, saw the opportunity while he was operating an emergency feeding scheme during the pandemic. In consultation with women of the community with whom he worked, Backyard Farms was formed to create meaningful work and a modest income for 30-plus micro-farmers in Cape Town’s informal settlements.

Oryx Desert Salt chillies are predominantly grown and supplied by a community of gogos in Gugulethu.

The micro-farmers grow chillies, fresh herbs and other veggies, which are bought by BYF to produce their table and cook-in sauces. BYF then markets and sells its sauce range to retailers countrywide. Its award-winning sauces are made using an innovative blend of dried, smoked and fresh chillies infused in rooibos tea.

Oryx Chilli Salt is the newest addition to Oryx Desert Salt’s growing range of gourmet flavoured salts: Oryx Smoked Salt, Oryx Wine Salt and Oryx BBQ Salt. Look out for the forthcoming Oryx Citrus Salt and Oryx Herb Salt.

Spot the iconic Oryx horns on restaurant tables and in retail stores nationwide in South Africa – premium Woolworths stores, Cape Union Mart, Pick n Pay, Food Lovers Market, Dis-Chem and Spar – as well as most health shops and delis.

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