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Sustainability blooms at Boschendal with launch of new Werf Food Garden

by Tania Griffin
A food garden

Boschendal has revealed its newly transformed and redesigned Werf Food Garden, a further showcase of the historic farm’s commitment to environmental stewardship and its focus on farm-to-table dining.

The Werf Food Garden is designed to sustainably enhance Boschendal’s sourcing capacity and ensure fresher, more flavourful produce for the seasonal menus on offer. Everything in the redesigned garden has been reused, donated or replanted.

Kholwane Thela, gardens and landscaping manager at Boschendal, says the project to redesign the Werf Food Garden prioritised eco-friendly practices throughout. He and his team employed a range of measures to reduce the farm’s carbon footprint and support Boschendal’s broader sustainability and regenerative farming efforts.

“We also used sustainable sources of timber to construct our pergola,” says Thela. “And many of the benches found around the garden were made from repurposed felled invasive species timber and made by our woodwork team.”

There is something around every corner for guests to explore, from the culinary and herb gardens to abundant fynbos gardens. Guests are also encouraged to visit the beautiful rose garden, dedicated to Gwen Fagan, for her indispensable work collecting and restoring heritage roses on the farm and throughout the greater Cape region.

The gardens were established a short distance from The Werf Restaurant‘s kitchen to create a closer link between the vegetables and herbs grown here and their ultimate destination: the plates of hungry guests and visitors. 

Stella Delport, head chef at The Werf Restaurant, says she is excited at serving the farm-fresh produce from the new garden to guests. “We believe the shorter the distance between the garden and our kitchens, the better the flavours in our food. Our teams will pick fresh herbs and vegetables daily in celebration of the best seasonal produce and authentic flavours.”

Andy Jasper, project director and special adviser to Boschendal’s gardens portfolio, says he hopes the new Werf Food Garden inspires others in their own eco-friendly endeavours. “With the support of our guests, we hope to instil a love for sustainability and farm-fresh flavours in every visitor to our farm. We invite guests from all over to share our story of sustainability, community and culinary excellence with the world and hope people come back again and again to see the bountiful harvest.”

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