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Take the stress out of stretchmarks

by Editor

Stretch Marks getting you down? Hormonal Pigmentation leaving you feeling anxious? Always Tired?  Feeling Stressed? Worrying about your appearance and immunity?

Motherhood should be the most wonderful time of your life but being a new Mom often comes with a lot of additional stress which can put a damper on this wonderful time. Luster Glo’s Advanced Skin Repair Drink has been scientifically formulated to assist in reducing stretch marks, reducing pigmentation spots, giving you your even skin tone and glowing complexion back while boosting your immunity and increasing your energy levels.

And all this is done in the form of a tasty berry flavoured sachet that’s easy to mix every morning (you can even do this while mixing baby’s bottle). Luster Glo’s Advanced Skin Repair comes in 2 sizes, a monthly supply of 30 or a 2-week supply of 15 conveniently packaged sachets. If you’re travelling pop a couple in your toiletry bag and you’re ready to go.

Each sachet is packed full of all the amino acids and vitamins your skin and body require mixed with 8gms of pure collagen….. Therefore, it is high in collagen, vitamin C, anti-oxidants and amino acids, Zinc, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin A.

Naturally sweetened with stevia.

For stubborn pigmentation or anti-aging benefits, Luster Glo’s Glutathione serum pairs up beautifully with the drink.

Visit www.lusterglo.co.za for more information, or to shop these beautiful products.

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