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Top 5 women’s health tips to ensure your festive season stays uninterrupted

by Tania Griffin
Silk Salome Lifestyle

As the holiday season approaches, Salome – the women’s health brand under the umbrella of 3Sixty Biomedicine – steps forward as your health companion. With a commitment to empowering women, Salome shares essential health tips that will keep you thriving and ensure your well-being without compromising your style this festive season.

Bid farewell to period fatigue and discomfort as you embrace a care-free holiday experience guided by expert recommendations from Salome.

Redefining rest: The power of 8–9 hours of sleep

Acknowledge the reality of year-end and period fatigue. Prioritise rest by aiming for a solid eight to nine hours of sleep each night. Make rejuvenation a holiday goal for a more energised and vibrant you.

Empowering menstruators: Comfort is key

Tailor your approach to period pain management. For heavy menstrual bleeders, choose comfort with loose clothing and 12-hour period products. Salome recommends options like night-time pads, menstrual cups, period underwear and tampons for a worry-free experience.

Busting myths, one swim at a time

Challenge the myth that swimming is a no-go during your period. Engage in gentle exercises like swimming to stay cool and release endorphins. Opt for low-stress activities such as hiking, dancing and yoga stretches to manage pain and mood swings.

Mindful eating: A holiday gift to your body

Avoid bloating-inducing foods like dairy and high-sodium options. Navigate festive temptations by making conscious, healthy choices. Stay hydrated to support your body during the menstrual cycle.

Herbal harmony: Natural solutions

Embrace the benefits of herbal-based medicine for menstrual cramp relief. Salome’s herbal extract products, with minimal side effects, provide a holistic approach. Choose a healthier route to address women’s health issues without compromising your holiday festivities.

According to Nokuthula Msibi, project lead at Salome, “As a brand, Salome aims to empower women to prioritise their well-being, especially during the festive season. These health tips are designed to ensure a joyful and care-free holiday experience, allowing women to embrace every moment with confidence and comfort.”

Launched in 2020 by 3Sixty Biomedicine, Salome offers a range of herbal extract-based products addressing women’s reproductive health concerns. From menstrual pain to menopause, Salome provides over-the-counter treatment options, available online at Takealot.com and the Salome website, as well as at selected pharmacies nationwide.

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