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What men want: Healthy, younger looking skin

by Tania Griffin
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Surging interest among men in non-invasive anti-ageing solutions for combating fine lines and wrinkles is challenging the myth or perception that aesthetic treatments are only for women.

Dr Reza Mia, an aesthetics and anti-ageing specialist, notes that since starting in the field of non-invasive beauty treatment, he has seen an increase from 10% to 40% in male patients at his clinic seeking to address common ageing concerns, improve their looks and boost their confidence. “We’ve observed a significant shift as more men are motivated by their partners or friends to visit the clinic for assessment. More men have also seen and recognised that modern aesthetic treatments do not create noticeable or unnatural-looking distortions to facial proportions, and can significantly enhance their appearances,” he says.

He explains that the influence of social media and mass media communication have further shifted men’s perceptions of cosmetic treatments, debunking the stigma associated with getting work done.  

Why are men turning to cosmetic treatments?

Just as braces transformed the norm for straight teeth, cosmetic treatments for men have evolved to a prevalent practice today as men notice that they are working for others and likewise want to retain a more youthful appearance, notes Dr Reza.

Another factor influencing the rise in male interest in cosmetic treatments is improved health and higher life expectancies. “No one wants to look older when they feel healthy on the inside, they’re still active, and they want to stay involved with society. Men want to move with the times and look the part, and aesthetic medical treatments can provide the positive outcomes they’re looking for,” he says.

He adds that in the past, male patients also often avoided aesthetic treatments due to the mistaken belief that it would dramatically alter their appearance to look artificially disproportioned, and would require significant downtime for healing. But, with advancements in treatments and the work of reputable practitioners, this is no longer the case, as treatments are minimally invasive and have fewer side effects or downtime.

“With growing awareness of these advancements, men are now more receptive to aesthetic treatments, and are looking to obtain a more natural, youthful look.

“Additionally, the psychological benefits of aesthetic treatments are driving more people to opt for non-invasive solutions that are beneficial for an overall healthier look and self-esteem. Men are looking to take better care of their skin and bodies, mainly focusing on frown lines, acne-scar treatments and hair loss.”

Common misconceptions about cosmetic treatments

In addition to the myth that cosmetic treatments always result in asymmetric facial proportions, Dr Reza warns that a common misconception regarding aesthetic treatments is the expectation that treatments will have immediate results.

“Although cosmetic treatments are fairly quick and painless, it takes time for patients to obtain the desired results. It’s a journey, and it takes a few treatments before you’ll see substantial changes. My advice for clients considering treatment is to be patient, and consult with your practitioner to ensure you have all the information you need to achieve the best results.”

Other myths he debunks are that procedures have exorbitant prices and are only for the rich, commenting that they are more affordable than invasive cosmetic surgery and form part of leading a healthier life.

Expert suggestions for men to take better care of their skin

Dr Reza notes that men’s skin is more prone to scarring and suggests they seek treatment if they struggle with ingrown beard hair and acne scars.

“Similar to women, many concerns men have about their skin are genetic or hormonal. But with the right treatment that is tailored to your specific skin type and problem areas, we can effectively address these areas with customised treatment options.

He emphasises that Anti-Aging Art focuses on aesthetics with timeless elegance to ensure long-term solutions for the individual’s specific needs. Through cutting-edge technology and research-backed treatments, Dr Reza ensures lasting results for an overall more authentic and healthier look.

“We like to work with our clients to cater to their unique needs and skin concerns. Our focus is not on what’s trendy, but rather achieving timeless beauty, and looking for what will work best for the individual when creating a treatment plan,” he concludes.

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