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Prevent photo-ageing by picking the correct sunscreen

Photo-ageing is a concept that has gained a lot more attention in the past few years, with people becoming increasingly concerned with premature ageing and knowing how to slow down this process.

While most think that ageing caused by the sun is minimal, the reality is profoundly contrasting. The truth is that sun damage and UV radiation provoke a startling 80% of your total visible skin ageing, according to ISDIN – a global market leader in photoprotection for the past 40 years. 

Dr Aurora Garre Contreras, who leads the clinical trials for ISDIN Global, explains that: “Sun damage contributes to the faster development of the early signs of ageing such as fine lines, lack of elasticity, or wrinkles. Ageing, of course, is a natural process, but sun damage can be prevented and even reversed in some cases.” 

The question is, how do you avoid premature ageing? Karlo Mitchell, the brand manager from ISDIN South Africa, offers the below tips in choosing an effective sunscreen to ensure you are fully covered against all signs of photo-ageing: 

  • Use an effective and powerful sunscreen and reapply during the day. Not only on sunny days, but also when it is overcast and the sun isn’t clearly visible. UV rays still impact our skin through clouds and rain. 
  • Read the label. When choosing a sunscreen, ensure you pick one with a high SPF. Anything from 50+ will offer you high protection. It should also have a broad-spectrum protection formula to protect against both UVA and UVB rays and also against blue light and infrared-A exposure. 
  • In order to be comfortable wearing your sunscreen all day, choose one that does not irritate or burn your eyes. It should be tested and approved under ophthalmological control. Your sunscreen should be lightweight, easy to apply and comfortable to wear – offering you high protection. 
  • Opt for a sunscreen that has been tested under real and high solar radiation and is dermatologically approved. In addition, when shopping for your sunscreen, observe the texture. For face and daily wear, look for easy absorption, hydration, no residue – and, most importantly, that it is suited for all skin types (meaning it is non-irritating, oil-free and hypo-allergenic).
  • Lastly, with summer fast approaching, for South Africans navigating toward the sea, find a sea-friendly sunscreen that has wet skin technology. This will allow you to use your sunscreen at the sea and allow you to apply it on wet skin without interfering with the protection factor. 

“ISDIN’s Fusion Water SPF with its 5-star daily protection offers all of the above. This product has been rated one of the best sunscreens, with a water-based super-light formula for immediate absorption, intense hydration and high protection against UV radiation,” says Dr Contreras.

“It is now available as a tinted sunscreen, in three unique shades – offering the same expert protection with a natural coverage for everyday use.”

Remember, sun care is self-care. Be diligent today with your SPF and reap the benefits in the years to come. Purchase your ISDIN sunscreen products at SkinMiles, DermaStore® and takealot.com.

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