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QUIZ: Discover your travel persona

ekko, the lifestyle brand catering to millennials, has crafted an entertaining quiz designed to unveil your unique travel persona.

Samantha Pillay, director at ekko, says that while your age may assign you to one group or category, your identity can shift in different life aspects. “For example, as a millennial, I find myself aligning more with the baby boomer mindset in the workplace – competitive, loyal and practical. However, when it’s time to hit the road, I’m unquestionably a millennial at heart, embracing luxury every step of the journey!”

Curious about your travel style? Whether you’re an adventure-loving Gen Z or a relaxation-seeking baby boomer, ekko helps you uncover your travel persona.

1. Your ideal holiday spot is:

a) Somewhere you have never explored before.

b) A beautiful beach with all-inclusive amenities.

c) A domestic road trip to explore hidden gems.

d) A historical city known for its cuisine and culture.

2. You prefer to spend your days:

a) Chasing adrenaline with outdoor adventures.

b) Relaxing by the pool or at the spa.

c) Spending time making memories.

d) Taking in the rich history and arts.

3. When travelling, you’re most likely to stay in:

a) Alternative accommodations like guesthouses or Airbnb.

b) A luxurious hotel or resort with all the comforts.

c) Whatever gives me the most ‘bang for my buck’.

d) A mid-range hotel with local charm.

4. Your travel budget focus is on:

a) Experiencing once-in-a-lifetime activities.

b) Indulging in great food and entertainment.

c) Finding the best deals.

d) Looking for sightseeing options.

5. Your packing style:

a) Light – just the essentials.

b) Extensive – you’re prepared for any occasion.

c) Efficient – you pack smart and practical.

d) Thoughtful – you include items with personal or sentimental value.

6. Your favourite travel tunes are likely to come from artists like:

a) Harry Styles and Billie Eilish.

b) Black Eyed Peas and Usher.

c) Michael Jackson and Eminem.

d) Fleetwood Mac and Bee Gees.

7. Your appetite for adventure is:

a) Thrill-seeking – the more daring, the better.

b) Relaxed – you prefer a stress-free journey.

c) Balanced – some adventure, some relaxation.

d) Intellectual – you enjoy learning and exploring history.


Mostly A’s: Your travel persona aligns with the adventurous spirit of Generation Z. You’re all about thrilling experiences and ticking off bucket-list items.

Mostly B’s: Your travel style leans toward the relaxation-loving millennials. You appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy relaxing vacations. Did you know: With an ekko membership, you can access 50+ luxury SA resorts or choose from 10 000+ additional SA resorts & hotels at up to 50% off?

Mostly C’s: Your travel preferences align with the practical Generation X. You focus on maximising your budget and exploring your own backyard.

Mostly D’s: You share the travel wisdom of the baby boomers. You value history, culture and enriching experiences in your journeys.

Remember, while these categories are for ‘just for fun’, your travel persona can be a unique blend of these traits. Ultimately, though, it’s all about making the most of your travel experiences, no matter which generation you resonate with the most!

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