SA’s first futuristic sensory-reality wellness pod

The world of sensory reality is here, and excitingly, the very first wellness sensory reality device has just arrived in South Africa and will be showcased at the iconic V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

“Sensory reality allows for a range of multi-sensory real-life and fantasy-based experiences to be replicated in superb detail, with the body’s five senses activated simultaneously. Multi-sensory digitisation of experiences will help ‘bridge the gap’ between reality and simulation,” explains Fred Galstaun, director of Sensiks, the developers of the range of Sensiks Sensory Reality Pods, based in the Netherlands.

“The metaverse will change the way humans live, work, play, socialise, travel, heal, shop and entertain themselves. Developments in multisensory metaverse technology will also bring profound discoveries in the field of neuroscience, unlocking new exciting capabilities of the human brain.

“What computer programming did for the digitisation of society and economy in recent decades, is what sensory reality will do for understanding and optimising the mental states of human beings,” Galstaun adds.

A image of South Africa's first futuristic sensory-reality wellness pod.

The U.WELL x Sensiks Express Wellness Pod provides a safe space to calm down both mind and body, with soothing experiences that involve synchronised visuals, audio, fragrances, airflow, heat fluctuations, haptics and vibrations. Over 2 000 therapeutic multi-sensory reality experiences are available for relaxation, burnout prevention, anxiety reduction, mindfulness, guided meditation, pain relief, education and entertainment. Customised content can also be created.

The emotional state of users can be assessed and directed via interactive biofeedback sensors that measure and align biometrics such as heart rate, HRV, GSR, respiration facial expressions and more.

Sensory reality pods – which are situated at prestigious addresses around the world, including Selfridges stores across the United Kingdom, and utilised by corporate clients including Barclays Bank,  KLM and Lufthansa airlines, the Dutch Ministry of Defence, the NHS in the UK, and many others – have been shown to have a significant positive impact in the treatment of mental health disorders, stress reduction and burnout prevention,  PTSD, addiction, anxiety, neonatal illnesses, muscular skeletal disorders and more.

A artistic photo of someone that is having a mental burnout and flash backs of his past.

The use of cognitive distraction as a pain and anxiety management strategy is well tested and proven. Being immersed in the sensory reality provided by the pod offers distraction from physical and mental adversities. Sensory reality in the healthcare field is the future – and together with virtual and augmented reality, is set to become a part of our everyday lives.

The vanguard U.WELL x Sensiks Express Wellness Pod that has recently arrived in South Africa is now available to the public at a pop-up location in the V&A Waterfront until 31 May 2023 and will later be housed, alongside several larger sensory reality pods – the U.WELL x Sensiks Wellcare Pods – in a futuristic AI-enabled wellness facility that is opening its doors at the V&A Waterfront. U.WELL will be the exclusive partner for pod experiences and distribution of the Sensiks pod range in South Africa.

U.WELL, a subsidiary of the Universal Wellness Group (UNVRSL), aims to become the first “Phygital (where the physical world meets the digital world) Harley Street” of health and wellness in South Africa, and will partner with some of the world’s most highly rated and distinguished medical and wellness experts – making it a premier destination for people seeking cutting-edge, traditional, as well as preventative medical care.

UNVRSL is the pioneer and inventor of WellCare, which aims to implement disease-modifying strategies through risk identification, early detection and interventions, and prevention of disease manifestation using various bio-psycho-social management strategies. The company’s strategy is to delay or prevent the phenotypical expression of environmental and genetic coding as disease, thereby maintaining wellness.

“We are so excited to be launching this futuristic technology in South Africa, and to work alongside he world’s best wellness and medical experts as we roll out the U.WELL offerings,” comments Chalandra Naidoo, CIO and programme officer for U.WELL. “U.WELL intends to integrate the best in medical practice and technology to provide solutions that shift the focus from treating existing diseases, typically late in their progression, to preventing disease before it sets in.”

What to expect during a U.WELL x Sensiks Express Wellness Pod experience:

•      An introduction to WellCare and integrated holistic health & lifestyle practice by a U.WELL x Sensiks ambassador

•      A brief pre-session of downtime in U.WELL’s pop-up relaxation room with infrared therapy & guided “time to breathe”

•      A wellness session in the U.WELL x Sensiks Express Wellness Pod

•      The complete experience takes 45 minutes

The cost:

•      R395 per U.WELL x Sensiks Express Wellness Pod experience promotional offer: Purchase 1 session and receive another free.

•      U.WELL Relax Package: 3 x Sensiks sessions priced at R995, which includes a relaxing massage worth R500 (Massage to be redeemed at our associate SCIN | Specialists Clinics Institute with branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg).

To book a U.WELL x Sensiks Wellness Express Pod experience at the current pop-up address in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront, email or call / WhatsApp on +27 69 884 7574. Sessions are strictly by appointment only.

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