SA’s most innovative Products of the Year 2024

Product of the Year South Africa has announced the 2024 Product of the Year winners. The prestigious gala event, which recognises South Africa’s most innovative consumer products, was held on 27 June.

Product of the Year is the largest consumer voted award for product innovation in South Africa. It is part of a global network of over 40 national programmes and was created specifically to champion new product innovation and provide shoppers with a shortcut to the most pioneering new products on the market.

Product innovation adds newfound value to customers

In order to be accepted in the research study and stand a chance of being bestowed the Product of the Year seal, products are required to have national distribution and demonstrate meaningful consumer innovation in one of the following areas: function, design, packaging and ingredients.

This could be an entirely new product or a useful innovation to an existing product or brand, such as a new ingredient, redesigned shape or size, new formulation – such as reduced sugar – or new packaging, such as user-friendly or ‘green’.

Entry into the 2024 Awards was open to new products launched after 1 January 2022, as well as products that have been in the market for 10 years or more.

This year, products in 21 categories were evaluated across several criteria including product appeal, purchase interest, uniqueness and relevance.

Edith Venter, general manager at Product of the Year South Africa, says: “Product of the Year recognition serves as the standard for consumer confidence, particularly within a retail environment where customers are faced with tough decisions at point of purchase. Research shows that being recognised as a Product of the Year enables a consumer to make a quicker, more reliable and informed decision.”

The research

Product of the Year is voted for by 2 000 connected adult consumers in South Africa. According to leading consumer research partner Kantar, 77% of people surveyed find that a Product of the Year logo influences their decision to try a new product.

Belinda Reyneke, research consultant for Kantar’s Insights Division in South Africa, says: “For Product of the Year, we analyse and present the data that serves as a reference point for selecting winners, allowing them to stand out in a competitive market. The dual impact of our research means it helps manufacturers better understand their consumers and get closer to their needs, while also empowering consumers to find the best new products.

“Congratulations to the winners, as well as the entrants; outshining competitors in an increasingly competitive market is an enormous achievement.”

The 2024 Product of the Year Winners:

“It is encouraging to note that through the Product of the Year research globally, brands remain consistent in building a high level of trust with consumers,” says Mike Nolan, global CEO of Product of the Year. “Through the evolving challenges that come with the integration of physical and digital market places, products manage to stay relevant, and meet consumers where their values and money converge.

“I enjoyed the 2024 submissions and I commend the South African market for its tenacity in being innovative, its market knowledge and product design responses. The 2024 submissions have set a new standard, benefiting the consumer even more.

“We look forward to the 2025 entries [accepted from September 2024], and encourage brands to take advantage of this most valuable accolade by participating next year,” he concludes.

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