The new classic board game from Scrabble

Scrabble unveils a new way to play the classic board game

The way we use words is changing, and so is Scrabble, which has unveiled a second side to the classic gameboard with Scrabble Together Mode: a co-operative, faster paced and more casual version of the iconic word game. It’s the first time in its 75-year history that Scrabble has made such a significant change to its classic game.                                                                                                    

Get double the fun with two games in one: The new way of playing will now be included in every copy of the game. Simply flip the board over and pick up the deck of Goal cards included in the game to get started with the Scrabble Together Mode.

Designed with inclusivity and collaboration in mind, Scrabble Together Mode allows players to work as a team to complete goal cards at their chosen challenge level, with helper cards to encourage players throughout the game.

Scrabble Together Mode also offers a quicker game with simple scoring. The double-sided board allows people to pick and choose their gameplay to suit, whether they want a speedy co-operative game, or would prefer to settle in and take the competition up a notch with the much-loved Classic version.

From longstanding Scrabble brand fans who want to try an exciting new version of a game they know and love, to people completely new to word games, Scrabble Together Mode amps up the fun for families and friends, while also giving players the practice and confidence to give Classic Scrabble a go, if and when they want to.

Ray Adler, vice-president and global head of Games at Mattel, says: “Scrabble has truly stood the test of time as one of the most popular board games in history, and we want to ensure the game continues to be inclusive for all players. For anyone who’s ever thought, ‘word games aren’t for me’, or felt a little intimidated by the Classic game, Scrabble Together Mode is an ideal option. With team-based and faster gameplay, Scrabble Together Mode continues to celebrate the wonder of words just as the Classic version does, but thanks to its exciting new co-operative and dynamic gameplay, it’s more accessible and brings people together. Players who prefer the Classic version will continue to have the classic board game.”

Scrabble Together Mode is designed to help new generations fall in love with words, at a time when, according to Stats SA, the illiteracy rate from 2021 was 3.3%.

The new Scrabble Together Mode is available to purchase at leading retailers nationwide.

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