Spring tips for a lush summer lawn

If you dream of lazing on a lush lawn during the summer, now’s the time to spring into action and give your lawn some love. This care is like giving your lawn a summer-ready makeover! It’s all about prepping it to build up its resilience against pests, heat and diseases, and ensuring you get that beautiful green carpet that makes your garden shine in summer. GARDENA has some tips:

Let your lawn breathe

Aerating a lawn involves perforating the soil with tiny holes, a process that invites air, water and nutrients to journey deep into the grass’s roots. But why is this so crucial?

Compacted soil is an enemy of root growth and lawn vitality. Aeration combats this compaction, offering improved circulation and robust root development.

The most telling signs that your lawn is yearning for aeration are if water starts to pool after a rainfall or if the soil has an unusually hard feel. Grass that looks patchy or thin can also be a giveaway.

Tips for best results?
• Wet the lawn slightly a day before to soften the soil, making it easier to aerate.
• Use a GARDENA fertiliser spreader, available in 1.8lt, 12.5lt and 18lt.
• Pierce the soil, starting in one corner of your lawn, and move systematically to ensure no area is left out.
• Make passes in both vertical and horizontal directions, ensuring maximum coverage.
• Remove any soil clumps left on the surface, using a rake so they can break down and nourish the lawn.

Feed the green

As your grass prepares for its spring growth phase, it needs nutrients. Feeding the soil assures robust growth and vibrant stems. To best support this phase, feed the soil before summer’s debut using the right type of fertiliser for your soil and grass type.

Spring is also the ideal time to start building a compost pile, then you will always have nutrient-rich material on hand for your lawn. You can use a composting bin or build a simple mound – just throw everything to be composted into a heap and let it work its magic.

Tips for best results?
• Before applying fertiliser, calibrate your GARDENA fertiliser spreader to ensure an even and appropriate amount of material is released.
• Move at a consistent pace to ensure uniform distribution.
• After spreading, lightly water your lawn to help the fertiliser penetrate the soil.

The magic of mulching

Spring calls for a fresh round of mulching. Mulch is a gardener’s ally, championing the retention of soil moisture, the suppression of pesky weeds, and the gradual addition of nutrients back into the soil. Choose an organic mulch like wood chips or straw, which can decompose to enrich the soil.

Tips for best results?
• Ensure you spread a mulch layer, using a GARDENA spading fork, about six centimetres deep to retain moisture and suppress weeds effectively.
• Avoid piling mulch against the stems of plants, as this can lead to rot.

Getting your bedding sorted

Getting your garden beds ready around the lawn in spring is all about setting the stage for a colourful show that complements your lush, green lawn.

Start by giving the area a sweep and clearing out any mess. Use a GARDENA NatureLine spading fork to loosen up the soil, making it a comfortable home for new roots. Mix in compost for a nutrient boost. For that clean edge between your lawn and beds, an edging tool is your best friend.

Tips for best results?
• Select a suitable edging tool, like a GARDENA Combisystem lawn edge trimmer, and work with slightly damp soil, using a slight angle for a neat trench.
• Take your time with controlled cuts, follow your marked boundary, and remove excess soil for a clear gap.
• Trim stubborn grass, apply mulch for a polished look, and always use protective gear when using edgers.

Choosing your tools

Of course, having the right tools can make all the difference. At GARDENA, we know that gardening is not just a pastime – it’s a passion. We have designed our tools with real gardeners in mind. From our aerators and spreaders to our mulch forks, shovels and hoes, each tool isn’t just durable, it’s made to feel right in your hand and help you get the job done correctly.

(Remember, always remove soil, grass and other debris from your tools after using them. That way, they’ll be ready to spring into action when lawn-loving season comes around next year.)

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