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Tackling hunger: Empowering children and families through a holistic feeding programme

According to Statistics South Africa, over half a million (683 221) households with children aged 5 years or younger experienced hunger in 2021. Urban areas like Johannesburg and Cape Town have higher proportions of households facing inadequate and severely limited access to food.

SALT Projects is committed to the goal of providing 86 000 meals and distributing 49 170 food parcels in 2023 to address the pressing issue of hunger in South Africa. Recently, SALT Projects achieved a significant milestone by acquiring a premises to expand its operations, but with growth and ambitious goals ahead, the organisation is in dire need of volunteers.

Vinolia, project manager of SALT Projects, describes the rewarding experience of being part of the SALT Projects team: “I love making a difference in people’s lives, and every day I am filled with a sense of purpose because of what I get to do. The volunteers at SALT Projects have a genuine love for people, as it takes a compassionate heart to accomplish what they do.”

SALT Projects is tackling the hunger problem in South Africa, one meal at a time, and each volunteer contributes significantly.

There are three impactful ways to help alleviate the hunger crisis affecting the country’s youth:

  1. Volunteer: SALT Projects provides nutritious meals to children and vulnerable families at multiple primary schools in Cape Town. These meals may be the only food a child receives in a day. Volunteer duties include preparing hot meals, making sandwiches and serving the children.
  2. Donate: You can sponsor a school-feeding learner for one month with a donation of R150. Additionally, contributions of peanut butter, jam, macaroni, spaghetti, rice, soy mince and canned goods are highly valued in supporting vulnerable children.
  3. Support: Spreading the word about SALT Projects can make a world of difference. Follow SALT Projects on Instagram to witness and share the impactful work being done to help our communities.

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