Take eco steps in eco-friendly trainers

Innovation and sustainability are becoming more of a priority for footwear companies as they focus more on product design and reducing their carbon footprint. This growing awareness around sustainable fashion has been caused by consumers and retailers who expect brands to be a part of the solution to environmental challenges.

Footwear brands like FitFlop have been reflecting on the importance of protecting the planet by making shoe options that are sustainably made.

It’s important to consider the material from which an item of clothing is made before buying. Products made from recycled materials such as polyester, nylon or cotton are usually the most sustainable choices. Using recycled materials lessens the need to extract raw materials. Recycled materials also require less energy and water in the manufacturing process.

More and more people are looking for brands that implement eco-friendly practices and use recycled materials. Finding shoes that are both stylish and sustainable can seem overwhelming, but FitFlop has made this its core ethos with its chic, minimalist and clean designs.

With the aim to bring biomechanically engineered shoes to comfort-seeking women and men around the world, FitFlop’s main goal is to achieve carbon neutrality, as this is something it considers beneficial to its commitment to the environment.

The Evolution E01 collection is one of FitFlop’s eco-friendly ranges, crafted with recycled, reprocessed or sustainably sourced materials. All e01 materials are sourced from suppliers certified by the Global Recycled Standard. Considered simplistic designs, with a focus on essential features, they enhance eco-friendliness.

Below are two styles from the FitFlop e01 range that you can purchase in support of World Recycling Day:

Vitamin E01 Sneaker

Vitamin E01 Sneaker made from recycled materials such as polyester, nylon or cotton are usually the most sustainable choices by made by Fitflop.

The Vitamin E01 Sneaker is FitFlop’s ever trainer that will help you move more than feel great. A sleek superlight sports trainer that is biomechanically engineered for exercise and casual running, but equally good for upping your everyday activity. A stretchy, breathable, pull-on knit upper gives extra support at the sides and arch.

FitFlop’s new Neodynamic™ midsole has light, high-rebound cushioning with a springy central carbon plate that propels you forward and smooths out movement. Flexible yet stable, it’s superbly supportive.

The Vitamin E01 is available in five colours including: soft lilac, fuchsia rose mix, black, white mix, and midnight navy.

Rally e01 Knit Trainers

Rally e01 Knit Trainer Sneaker Takkie made from recycled materials such as polyester, nylon or cotton are usually the most sustainable choices by made by Fitflop.

A must-have for any season, these are one of FitFlop’s bestselling trainers. Reworked in a soft, light, breathable engineered knit, the shoes are now available in a pull-up straight design with a lace option. They are fresh and breezy, while keeping the timeless ‘tennis shoe’ shape that works with everything from floaty dresses to sharp tailoring. They feature FitFlop’s ultra-light, flexible all-day cushioning Anatomicush™ midsoles. Your go-to shoes on busy days when comfort is non-negotiable! Available in five colours.

Wear the change you want to see and make an impact on the environment by being mindful when making clothing choices.

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