The benefits of board games for preschoolers

It is no mystery that a lot is learnt through play. Board games that are family-friendly and created specifically for pre-readers are a fun, educational and inspiring form of organised play.

Below are some of the key benefits:

Connecting as a family. Board games provide the opportunity to slow down and become immersed in a task, which is deeply satisfying. When sitting in a group, family bonds strengthen, and the proximity to one another allows for conversations to happen and take shape around playing. Games such as Cobra Paw and Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza are great for this.

There are rules and instructions, which means kids need to listen and apply what they’ve heard, which helps develop their auditory skills, and also teaches them how to figure out how to play and win within boundaries and restrictions. Furthermore, understanding instructions is an essential skill that a child will keep developing through school and life.

Games such as Dixit and Rory’s Story Cubes encourage linguistic mastery and imagination. They help develop language as children articulate their thoughts and expand vocabulary, which they learn from other players. Common sense is another core skill that is shaped.

Another benefit is that games help train the higher cognitive functions of the brain, including spatial awareness and visual skills. Spot it!, a game where the aim is to match a symbol on two cards, requires a sharp eye and quick reflexes, making it an ideal activity for brain training. And it’s fun!

Board games help build confidence. Children who are shy or are less open to trying new things benefit hugely from the interactions required when playing games.

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