The good stuff has landed!

There are many very good things about being a kid. Jumping castles, for example. Running around and shouting loudly with your friends. Not having to earn a salary.

Well, at Sir Fruit, we thought we’d add one more good thing to the list: our new range of smoothies and shots – designed for kids aged 4 and up. (And we wouldn’t be surprised if dad sneaks one as a snack, too.)

We’ve done our homework

The most important thing about our new products is that they’re functional: which means they’re not only delicious but also nutritious. More real fruit. And – sneaky of us – more vegetables, too! We want to help increase immunity, optimise gut health and improve energy levels. (There are jumping castles to be jumped on, after all.)

Two separate product offerings make up the range: cold- pressed shots and smoothies. As that famous philosopher, Barney the Dinosaur, would say: ‘super-dee duper’. Or, for the older kids, let’s lean on Ms Taylor Swift’s advice: ‘shake it (off)’!

Game on! Our cold-pressed shots…

We’ve called our kid’s health cold-pressed shots POWER UPZ, and they’re all about liquid gamification. Each of the three flavours has its own colourful character representative, with its own IRL (in-real-life) special powers… So take on the day’s challenges and make it through that double-period of geography.

Each variant retails at R24.99:

  • Daily Probiotic – apple, strawberry and blueberry (the red one!)
  • Daily Boost – apple, pineapple and spinach (green is good!)
  • Daily Defender – apple, naartjie and carrot (orange means go!?)

Begone, Hangry One! Our smoothies…

We’ve called our kid’s smoothies MONSTA SLURPS, and they’re here to combat that grumpy time between just-after-lunch and not-quite-supper. Fill the gap – both in the eating schedule and the stomach – with one of our carefully crafted products. We’re bringing the vitamins. We’ve got two fave flaves. And we’re here to take on even the worst case of munchkin munchies.

Each variant retails at R28.99:

  • Banana Custard – gimme that double-cream yoghurt!
  • Naartjie & Coconut – vegan-friendly naartjie, mandarin and coconut milk

Abracadabra! We’ve turned healthy ingredients into healthy snacks

These days, too much supposedly good stuff is filled with too much actually bad stuff. So, we’ve done our best to preserve the benefits of the raw ingredients that go into our products. The result is something for young brains and bodies which is also packaged for families-on-the-go.

Says Helene Locke, head of strategy, marketing, innovation and sales at Sir Fruit: “I’m busy! You’re busy! That’s just the way the world works at the moment. So we’ve tried really hard to make something good for kids that’s also super-convenient. I think of the POWER UPZ as a daily vitamin boost.”

Ma, can we go the shops and get some Sir Fruit?

You can, of course, find the range online. Selected Checkers outlets will also stock it – they’re in-store in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, and will be live in other regions by the end of May. And look out for our products in Food Lover’s Markets from the first week of June.

The good stuff has landed!

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