The sip of innovation that South Africa has been waiting for

Get ready to indulge guilt-free, as Mwah! Barley Milk – the creamy, dreamy sensation everyone’s raving about – has launched nationwide, bringing the magic of barley to every delicious sip!

Lactose intolerance affects millions of South Africans, with studies revealing a staggering 81% prevalence. Mwah! Barley Milk is a groundbreaking solution that promises to revolutionise the dairy-alternative market. It is the perfect blend of good taste, good foam and good texture, providing an exceptional sensory experience while also catering to those with lactose intolerance.

Mwah! Barley Milk is the first of its kind in South Africa, crafted with love from the finest barley grains. It has been carefully formulated with cold-pressed, extra-virgin, high oleic acid sunflower oil for its exceptional health benefits.

The product was born out of a desire to make drinking plant-based milk a pleasure. Founder and CEO of Mwah! Sean Willard has spent over 35 years in the healthcare industry as a retail pharmacist, trainer and consultant to multinational health supplement companies.

“For years, our entire family noticed that we had become more and more lactose intolerant,” he shares. “Drinking dairy resulted in a bloated, crampy and grumpy household! My son was the main instigator in getting us to choose ‘lactose-free’ options across the shopping aisles – and soon, both kids started choosing more environmentally friendly options such as oat and almond milks.

“Enter Dad… Houston, we have a problem! I was all good with the lactose-free options, but couldn’t stomach (pun intended) the taste of 99% of the plant-based milks on the market. I saw that there was a potential gap (solution waiting to happen) in the market, but it had to tick a few boxes for me:

  • Good taste – Not negotiable!
  • Good foam – We wanted to ensure you got the perfect foam with your cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.
  • Good texture – Our texture is consistently silky and smooth.”

The product not only meets the rigorous standards of kosher, halaal and vegan, but also carries the seal of approval from The Heart and Stroke Foundation eating plan, ensuring everyone can enjoy the delicious goodness of Mwah! Barley Milk without compromise.

Morning, noon, or night, Mwah! Barley Milk is always right: Enjoy it hot or cold, in your favourite dishes or on its own – pure bliss! It froths beautifully in your favourite coffee and adds a decadent richness to your tea. Furthermore, the versatility of Mwah! Barley Milk extends beyond beverages, enhancing the flavours of smoothies, baking and cooking.

“I couldn’t be prouder to say that we are a truly South African brand, created with love and passion right here in our beautiful country. With every step, from conception to crafting the final product, we keep it local,” enthuses Willard. “Mwah! Barley Milk is a delicious taste of South Africa in every sip, and we’re excited to bring a healthy and sustainable dairy alternative to our fellow South Africans.”

Join the Mwah! movement today and experience the magic for yourself. Mwah! Barley Milk is available for purchase at leading supermarkets and through the online store.

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