Time to see your tyres as an investment

“Your tyres are the only part of your vehicle that makes contact with the road,” says Werner Wernich, Supa Quick regional operations manager. “Reputable tyre manufacturers have enormous research & development budgets devoted to improving the tyre’s technology, from pioneering safer and more durable materials, to developing new designs that support better performance in different conditions and for specific purposes.”

He says motorists should stay away from inadequate tyres, cheap import tyres and second-hand tyres. Consumers should ensure the tyres selected are fit for purpose, with the guidance of the knowledgeable experts at the store.

When making a selection on the tyre, one should always take the following into consideration: What does the vehicle weigh, what is the maximum speed of the vehicle and the specific features required for its intended use?

When considering cheap imported tyres, it’s vital to recognise they may compromise on production quality, potentially failing to meet the stringent manufacturing and design standards necessary for your vehicle’s safety and performance.

“Second-hand tyres really are something to steer clear of; there’s a reason they were replaced, and they simply will not give you the performance and safety you should demand,” says Wernich. “When it comes to tyres, no one should ever take short cuts!”

Here are some of the reasons it makes sense to go for tyres from reputable brands:

  • Superior performance and safety – Premium tyres are the result of huge investments in R&D. Advances in rubber compounds make the tyres more durable and safer, and much better able to deal with poor road surfaces –something South African drivers can appreciate. The superior design and materials also mean the tyre will do a better job. The real value of premium tyres comes to the forefront when road conditions are bad. They are designed to deal with these conditions and are tough enough to last as well. When it’s wet, in particular, one needs a tyre that will reduce the risk of aquaplaning and will not lose grip: Premium tyres have a higher performance rating and a much shorter braking distance than budget tyres, especially at speed and/ or in wet conditions.
  • Superior driving and passenger experience – A big focus for the premium brands is to match the tyre to the vehicle, thus optimising the driving experience. Premium tyres are usually designed with a specific vehicle or use case in mind. That’s why it’s a good idea to stick with the tyres specified by the vehicle manufacturer. The same principle holds good with the new generation of electric vehicles. Similarly, design innovations to reduce road noise make everything much more pleasant for everyone in the vehicle.
  • Fuel efficiency – Premium tyres are constantly being improved to improve their fuel efficiency under various road conditions, which is a key consideration at a time of high fuel prices and concerns about the environment.
  • Longer life – In general, a higher initial price tag tends to translate into a longer lifespan for the tyre. Cash-strapped consumers need to take the longevity of a premium tyre into account when making purchase decisions.

“High-quality tyres actually end up saving you money because they tend to be durable and reliable; and it’s worth keeping track of when tyre dealers are running specials on these brands.

“Premium tyres perform better for a superior driving and passenger experience. At the end of the day, when it comes to tyres, you’re investing in your own driving pleasure and the safety of yourself and those around you,” concludes Wernich.

Image credit: senivpetro/Freepik

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