Top tips for buying property online

The advent of digitalisation has transformed consumers’ spending habits and how people shop. While platforms like and other online shopping platforms have grown exponentially over recent years – especially since COVID-19 – so too has the property market evolved thanks to the digital revolution.

Rainmaker Marketing, a pioneering property and lifestyle marketing agency, is at the forefront of the trend where people in South Africa can easily access and purchase properties online. Having successfully introduced online sales launches for developments such as Summer Park in 2017, more recently Salta Sibaya, and now Annex Bedfordview Frontier, the introduction of the Property Marketplace appears to be a game-changer in the e-commerce space.

“Our Property Marketplace platform that is being used for the launch of Annex Bedfordview Frontier and its 42 units, offers users a one-stop-shop experience. The platform provides potential buyers with an overview of the entire development, filter options for floors and units, and real-time availability checks. The entire sales process online is facilitated by innovative property technology (proptech), which includes virtual 3D walkthroughs, videos, interactive modules, custom maps and GPS maps for site visits – all of which play an integral role in ensuring investors make a well-informed offer to purchase,” explains Stefan Botha, director at Rainmaker Marketing.

As an industry leader, Rainmaker Marketing is not only shaping the way properties are marketed but also empowering buyers to navigate the online property market with confidence. Botha shares his top five tips for buyers to consider when deciding to make an online property purchase:

1. Use reputable websites: Stick to well-established and reputable real estate websites and platforms, and avoid suspicious listings.

2. Set alerts: Set up alerts or notifications on real estate websites to receive updates when new properties that match your criteria become available.

3. Inspect the property virtually: Utilise virtual tours, photos and videos provided by the seller or agent to get a sense of the property. It’s always helpful if you are in close proximity to the property to still visit it in person or hire a local representative to do so on your behalf.

4. Read the Ts and Cs: When signing up to buy property online, ensure you have read and understand what you are signing up for to make sure there are no hidden costs or surprises down the line.

5. Protect your personal information: Be cautious about sharing personal and financial information online. Use secure websites and communication methods when dealing with financial transactions.

Potential buyers and investors can now explore Rainmaker Marketing’s latest in proptech innovation. To discover affordably priced two- and three-bedroom units, and add apartments to their ‘wish list’, potential buyers can visit the Annex Bedfordview Frontier website prior to the official sales launch at 1 p.m. on Thursday, 26 October.

Annex Bedfordview Frontier offers vibrant amenities, 24-hour security, on-site dining, a daycare centre, remote working spaces, a fully equipped gym, and a swimming pool. View the units online and add your preferred unit to your wish list now, so that you can secure your apartment in time for the sales launch.

Follow these five easy steps to own an Annex Bedfordview Frontier apartment:

1. Sign up on the website: Create a profile on the Property Marketplace for early access.

2. Wish list: Add your favourite units to your online wish list.

3. Prepare funds: Ensure you have the R5 000 deposit ready for a streamlined purchase process.

4. Launch day: Log in before the launch and refresh the page at 1 p.m.

5. Secure your purchase: Head to your wish list or select a unit and follow the confirmation instructions to make your purchase.

For those seeking more information or a first-hand look at the lifestyle that Annex Bedfordview Frontier offers residents, the development consultants are on site and can be contacted prior to the launch. Additionally, there is a live chat option available on the website. To arrange a meeting at the on-site sales office at Annex Bedfordview Frontier, email

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