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Why cruise holidays offer the ultimate in affordable luxury getaways

by Tania Griffin

Imagine a world where the boundaries of luxury expand far beyond what you thought possible. Picture yourself in a floating hotel, a majestic vessel that takes you to exotic destinations, offering unparalleled indulgence and convenience…

For many, a cruise has long occupied a coveted spot on their bucket lists, often seen as an experience reserved for the privileged few. But, according to Samantha Pillay, director of ekko – a lifestyle brand tailored for millennials – those days are giving way to a new era, where luxury travel is becoming increasingly within everyone’s grasp.

“In the world of travel, accessibility is the true mark of progress,” she says. “Cruise liners have created budget-friendly packages that become even more affordable when you have a share portfolio with a lifestyle brand like ekko, thanks to the great discounts they provide. These not only amplify affordability but also pave the way for a broader audience to take trips they never thought possible. Luxury is no longer a distant dream; it’s a journey awaiting discovery.”

Pillay outlines six reasons she believes cruise vacations are the ultimate in affordable luxury getaways:

1. No cooking, no cleaning

The hallmark of luxury is the absence of chores, which are often still required even when you are on holiday. Bid farewell to mundane tasks like cooking and cleaning. Onboard staff caters to your every need, ensuring you can bask in the lap of luxury, totally care-free.

2. Onboard activities galore

Cruise ships are like floating paradises filled with a plethora of activities. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, there’s something for everyone, all the time. From fun at the pool hosted by the resident entertainment crew, nightclubs, pubs and duty-free shopping for days, to rejuvenating spa experiences and even an onboard hairdresser and casino… these luxury liners offer it all, and more.

3. All-inclusive meals

Dining on a cruise is a culinary journey in itself, featuring delectable three-, four- and even five-course meals prepared by world-class chefs. The diverse culinary offerings allow you to explore global flavours while savouring the elegance of onboard dining venues or enjoying casual snacking on convenient quick-serve options day and night. Yes, you read that right – round-the-clock feasting is a reality! Imagine an endless supply of glorious food available whenever you desire. There’s nothing quite like the luxury of being able to access and indulge in delicious meals or snacks 24/7.

4. World-class entertainment

Cruise holidays bring the world’s best entertainment to your doorstep. Enjoy Broadway-calibre shows, live music, comedy acts and more, all within the comfort of your floating hotel. It’s a luxury experience that sets cruise holidays apart.

5. Discover new horizons

Then, of course, there is the excitement of visiting new and exciting destinations. Whether it’s a local or international cruise, the thrill of exploring somewhere different, whether it’s an island or a bustling port city, immersing oneself in diverse cultures and being able to take in the sights is an integral part of the cruise experience.

6. Easy to plan

The traditional path to luxury travel can be complicated. Cruise vacations, however, offer streamlined booking and itinerary planning. Choose your dream destination, cruise line and departure date, and let experts handle the rest. It’s the epitome of stress-free travel.

Oh, and just a reminder, there are no onerous chores to worry about. It’s worth another mention because that’s what makes a cruise the ultimate way to relax in style.

“Gone are the days when a cruise holiday was the domain of a select few. Today, cruises offer the ultimate escape for travellers from all walks of life, providing an exquisite fusion of luxury, convenience and affordability. Whether your dreams involve exploring faraway destinations, indulging in opulent surroundings, or simply breaking free from the mundane, a cruise can transform those dreams into a tangible reality. And with an ekko lifestyle portfolio, you can!” Pillay concludes.

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