Turn up the heat this winter with LG air-conditioners

Winter in South Africa can be challenging, with conditions ranging from crisp and clear to freezing when a cold front sweeps in. And, if you add loadshedding to the mix, you’re in for a real doozy!

One way to beat the cold this season is to consider LG’s latest air-conditioning units. You may not be able to rely on Eskom when the cold creeps in, but you can count on LG’s DualCool and ArtCool to keep you cosy.

These air-conditioners are designed to be energy-efficient, reliable and user-friendly. They are also equipped with features that make them ideal for use in South Africa, including their ability to withstand voltage variations during power surges.

Let’s dive in and discover how the magic of the LG DualCool and ArtCool units can transform your winter from frosty to fabulous, even amid loadshedding woes:

Maximum energy efficiency
One of the biggest advantages of LG DualCool and LG ArtCool air-conditioners is their energy efficiency. These products use less energy than traditional air-conditioners, saving you money on your electricity bill.

Both solutions use Dual Inverter Compressor technology, which allows them to operate more efficiently at a wider range of temperatures. This means you can enjoy a comfortable temperature in your home all year without worrying about how much electricity you’re using.

Loadshedding compatibility
Another advantage of LG DualCool and LG ArtCool air-conditioners is their loadshedding resilience. These units are designed to continue operating even during power outages, using battery backup or solar power solutions.

This is thanks to their compatibility with external power sources, which means there’s no reason to reach for an extra blanket or hot water bottle when the power is out.

Smart technology integration
You can control the LG DualCool and ArtCool from anywhere worldwide, using your smartphone or tablet.

Use the LG ThinQ app to set the temperature, turn on the fan, or even schedule the air-conditioner to turn on or off at a specific time. This gives you total control over your appliance and its energy management functionality, even when you’re not home.

Silent operation and sleek design
LG DualCool and LG ArtCool air-conditioners are designed to be quiet. These units make it possible for you and your loved ones to enjoy a comfortable temperature without that non-stop white noise.

The LG DualCool and ArtCool are also the epitome of sophistication. What’s more, they are compact and lightweight, making them easy to install.

Your ultimate solution for year-round comfort
Say goodbye to chilly nights and hello to warmth and comfort with LG’s DualCool and ArtCool air-conditioners. These appliances not only feature LG technology, making them energy-efficient and reliable, but they’re also user-friendly, made for a smart home setup, and compatible with loadshedding solutions.

If you’re looking for an air-conditioner that can help you beat the heat or the cold, the LG DualCool and LG ArtCool solutions are the perfect choice.

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