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5 Reasons to use Reuterina® drops

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Focus on Flora. There has never been a better time to look after your baby’s GUT health.1,2,3 Gut flora has now become recognised as important for the maintenance of a healthy, functional gut.1,3

Clinical studies with Reuterina® drops have demonstrated a variety of beneficial effects in the prevention or treatment of childhood conditions linked to a gut flora imbalance:

Fewer sick days in day care.2  Probiotic supplementation can reduce illnesses that impact children’s health.2  In a study of healthy children attending day care, daily administration of Reuterina® drops was shown to reduce diarrhoea and respiratory infections, resulting in fewer days of absence.2

Faster constipation recovery.1 Chronic constipation is a frequent problem in infancy and childhood.1 With just 5 drops-a-day over a period of 1 month, infants in a clinical study treated with Reuterina® drops experienced 100 % relief from constipation.1

Reduced colic crying time.3 Gut flora play a crucial role in the development of early gut disorders such as colic.3 In a study in over 500 newborn infants, 5 drops of Reuterina® drops every dayled to a reduction in daily inconsolable crying after the first 30 days of treatment.3

Quicker diarrhoea recovery.2,4 During bouts of diarrhoea, the balance of gut flora is crucial to correct as this helps alleviate diarrhoea.4 Reuterina® drops has been clinically shown to be an effective treatment within 24 hours for diarrhoea (for example from rotavirus infection).4

Just 5 drops-a-day.5 For infants and children younger than 2 years of age, 5 drops are given daily. The drops are easily administered onto a spoon, dummy, bottle teat or breast.5

Reuterina drops pack shot

The No. 1 prescribed paediatric probiotic.6

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