Wake up to a brand new you with Dial-a-Bed

A bad night’s sleep makes the following day quite a drag. We’ve all been there – we feel irritable and unfocused, and are likely to overreact and say, or do, something completely out of character. We’re only human.

Dial-a-Bed’s #SleepForLife approach aims to show how you can get the best possible sleep every night so that you wake up to a brand new you.

Here’s what you need to know.

Put your sleep first

Our behaviours and corresponding sleep needs change through different times of life:

  • New-borns and toddlers typically need more intermittent sleep.
  • Adolescents and teens generally sleep later and may find it harder to get up and go in the morning.
  • Young and middle-age parents are constantly multi-tasking, with proper sleep being an absolute priority.

Our metabolism continues to change in later life, and this requires that we pay even more attention to our sleep routine.

Be a sleep activist

The one thing we can, and should, actively manage is our sleep health.

This is important for the whole family – no matter our age or daily demands.

Even in the most challenging times, we are most likely to cope and make informed decisions when we are working on a restorative night’s rest.

The secret to the best sleep

Factor in sleep as a key priority in your daily schedule.

Sleep is not just something that should happen when we feel tired. Quality sleep is an active choice and discipline.

Just as you would prepare yourself for your working day, you should also prepare yourself for sleep.

Try not to exercise or eat too late; rather try to find a calming half hour before bedtime to slow down the crazy day in your head.


The quality of each day is decided the night before. Sleep your way to a new and more vibrant you.

Behind every mover and shaker there is a perfect mattress, and Dial-a-Bed has your back with South Africa’s widest range of bed brands.

When last did you do a mattress test? Whatever your sleep preference, Dial-a-Bed offers the comfort and support you need.

 Shop responsibly

 Your health comes first. Following current national health directives, Dial-a-Bed has undertaken strict environmental controls to ensure safe store visits.

If you prefer to shop online at www.dialabed.co.za, all product handling and deliveries are also carefully monitored to provide a reliably sanitized service.

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