Where there’s a wilt, there’s a way

Planning an end-of-year getaway is exciting – but for many plant parents, the excitement of going away is tinged with worry at the thought of leaving their plants home alone.

While some plants can survive a few days without water, a plan must be made for others if you’re planning a longer holiday.

Tips for a short break-away (indoor and potted plants):

• Make sure you water your plants thoroughly before you leave.
• The more light your plant receives, the more water it needs. Consider moving them away from their natural source of light to help them retain water for longer while you’re away.
• Most houseplants, especially tropical species, benefit from being grouped together because the plants release moisture into the air around them. This increases the humidity around them to such an extent that no more water can pass from the plant into the air, helping them to stay hydrated.
• Make an improvised irrigator with a plastic water bottle. Poke a few holes in the bottle lid, fill the bottle with water, and bury the bottle halfway and upside down in the pot. The water will slowly seep into the soil and keep the soil saturated with moisture. Make sure excess water can drain out of the pot.

Tips for a longer holiday (indoor, potted and garden plants):

Asking a neighbour or friend to pop in while you’re away is the good old-fashioned way of doing things, but not everyone has this option. Instead, consider an automatic watering solution such as the following:

• The GARDENA Holiday Watering Set is an automatic system that can water up to 36 potted plants. The set includes three different distributors, each with 12 outlets catering to different watering needs.
• The GARDENA AquaBloom is a solar-powered set that can take care of up to 20 plants. It comes with 14 preset watering programmes guaranteeing even water distribution. Ideal for plants on the balcony, this innovative watering solution requires nothing more than an additional bucket.
• The GARDENA Water Control Select connects directly to a tap, and a GARDENA hose then connects the Water Control Select to a sprinkler, Micro-Drip irrigation or an underground sprinkler system. Three different watering schedules can be set on the detachable control panel, including the start time and watering duration which will be displayed on the LCD screen.

With so many options to choose from, you can rest assured your precious plants will survive the holiday heat.

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