Which kind of holiday floats your boat?

In much the same way that you probably gravitate toward a particular type of exercise or food, or a clothing style that you’re most comfortable wearing, it should come as no surprise that there are also ‘types’ when it comes to holidaymakers.

“You work hard for your money, and you deserve to fully enjoy your break. By identifying your holidaymaker ‘type’, you’ll be able to book your ideal holiday, ensuring you make magical and lasting memories by enjoying yourself to the max,” says Shaun Lamont, managing director for First Group.

He offers this handy guide to help determine which type of holidaymaker you are:

1. The Workaholic: Do you work long hours, always doing more than you plan (or are expected) to do? Do you take your laptop on holiday with you, ‘just in case’? Do you constantly worry about how many tasks may be piling up while you’re away? Rather than fighting your addiction to work, allow yourself snippets of time to check in with the office, so you can totally switch off and relax when you down tools. Workaholic holidaymakers will be most comfortable at a resort with business facilities such as stable Wi-Fi and babysitters on call. Conveniently located less than 30 minutes from King Shaka Airport in the coastal mecca of Ballito, La Montagne is the perfect vacation destination for a workaholic.

A photo of a resort with a pool and beach tables and benches and nice blue umbrella's.

2. The Adventurer: Does the idea of setting out on a kilometres-long hike make your heart race a little faster? How about galloping along a mountainous trail on horseback, or taking a spin on an offroad quadbike track, or running around engrossed in a paintball war? Somewhere like Bushman’s Nek Berg and Trout Resort is the ideal spot to quench your adrenaline-junkie thirst, with a variety of on-site activities in the nearby vicinity.

A put put course.

3. The Beach Bum: Does the sound of waves crashing onto a sandy beach, or reading a book while sipping a cocktail poolside sound simply idyllic? Then head to Margate Sands, ideally situated right on Margate’s main beach. With the beach a mere stone’s throw away, and a gorgeous pool and wellness spa on site, your every pampering whim will be satisfied.

Kids swimming in a pool with floaties.

4. The Explorer: Is devouring everything that your destination has to offer your idea of fun? If you’re into exploring bookshops, museums, antique stores, pristine beaches and quirky pavement cafés for people-watching, then Hastings Hall luxury apartments is your go-to holiday destination. Tucked in the shadow of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, it provides an ideal base from which to explore the vibrant and trendy city of Cape Town.

A picture with a table and houses in the background.

5. The Penny Pincher: Does the mere thought of planning a holiday, and all the money you’ll have to fork out, cause you to break into a cold sweat? If you’re budget-conscious, always striving to get as much bang for your buck, then you’ll want to sign up for a loyalty membership. For example, First Group’s loyalty partner, First Loyalty Plus, offers generous discounts on accommodation, meals and activities.

Once you’ve determined your holidaymaker type, head on over to www.firstgroup-sa.co.za for more information on a variety of hotels, resorts and self-catering accommodations to suit everyone.

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