Why tabletop games are good for you

Board games present the perfect excuse to unplug from screens, social media and phones. They are also the perfect go-to entertainment when the weather is lousy and it’s better to stay indoors.

There are so many reasons that tabletop games are good for you. Below are some of them:

It’s a reboot for the brain. Sometimes playing is like therapy – it allows you to put your worries aside and completely immerse yourself in a fun activity. This allows the brain to sort things out and come up with solutions, just because you’re taking a break from thinking too hard.

Playing games increases brain function. Playing stimulates the brain in a different way because it’s outside of normal day-to-day activities such as work or school. It allows players to practise essential cognitive skills including decision-making, higher level strategic thinking and problem-solving.

It reduces stress because there is laughter involved. Laughter is a vital ingredient for an enjoyable learning experience, which also increases creativity. This type of activity, where everyone is engaged and relaxed, makes for happy times.

It creates the ideal occasion to connect, socialise and network. Playing tabletop games connects family members of different age groups; it’s great for socialising with friends, and also breaks the ice. For people who are shy or introverts, tabletop gaming is a great way to come out of their shells and engage with other people.

There is variety, and different skills are needed for different types of games. In strategy games like Ticket to Ride, players need to think a few steps ahead to outwit opponents. Whereas in quick-thinking games like 5 Second Rule, you need to spit out answers as fast as you can.

For more information on tabletop game-playing events in your area, visit the Unplug Yourself website.

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