Winter’s wondrously earthy palette

South Africa is fortunate to have a temperate climate with a relatively mild winter in comparison to its extremely hot summer months when temperatures and humidity soar. The cooler winter months make it a preferable time to go on safari and visit game parks and reserves. This is because wild animals tend to venture forth from the shaded shelter of trees and bushes during the daytime and come out into the open to forage, making them more visible and easy to spot – game watching is optimal when the weather isn’t sweltering. Winter is thus a time that many South Africans associate with being out in the wild, and being close to nature, where the expansiveness of the great outdoors is driven home.

This is why Plascon’s 2022 Winter colour palette takes its cue from earthy, wide open spaces, our verdant land with its fertile soil, and those dramatic skies and sunsets you only see when you’re away from the city. Plascon’s new winter “Grounded” palette features a bouquet of earth-inspired colours that bring our famed bushveld and savannah landscapes directly to mind.

Connect to the earth beneath your feet with this palette of living nature hues. After long months of disconnection and isolation, our need to feel grounded and connected in the post-pandemic world is expressed through this sensitive collection of colours that responds to the zeitgeist in a heartening way.

A picture of a room with a bed with a beautiful khaki green and a rich orange brown bedding and deep khaki room walls.

Deep khaki green and a rich reddish brown are the stronger colours of this down-to-earth collection. The rich and complex earthen Plascon Terra Nova (R6-D1-2) is matched in depth and saturation by the verdant green of Plascon Garden Seat (G1-E1-1).

For gentle balance, Plascon has added a harmonious trio of natural yellows. From the warm white of Plascon Moon Beam (Y5-A2-3), to soft Pear Fantasy (Y5-B2-1), and golden Plascon Desert Daisy (Y3-B1-2), you use these natural hues together to bring a mood of grounded calm to your spaces.

The Grounded colours are fantastic to use as stand-alone notes, feature wall moments of interest, and even, in combination with one another. Those needing assistance in choosing colours or which colours to use where, can reach out to Plascon’s free colour advice team via email:

A room with a chest of draws, pot plants and a beautiful painted green wall.

About Plascon:

Plascon has been a leader in the coatings business since 1889 and has repeatedly set new benchmarks by reimagining and reinventing trustworthy products that will make people’s lives easier and better, without compromising on quality. Plascon continues to innovate, with a focus on developing pioneering products while being conscious of their environmental impact.

As a proudly South African company, with an extensive range of high performance decorative, automotive, industrial and professional coatings, Plascon is pleased to be recognised as a Level 3 B-BBEE entity and is committed to ongoing CSI initiatives.

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