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World’s first all-in-one bionic mop and hard floor cleaner

Lifestyle technology specialist Solenco has added the world’s first cordless all-in-one bionic mop and hard floor cleaner to its curated collection of quality products, bringing the innovative, world-renowned Hizero brand to South Africa for the first time.

Established by a group of US engineers and designers, Hizero’s hard-floor cleaning solutions harness revolutionary bionic technology and aesthetic, ergonomic design in an award-winning range of UltimateClean™ hard floor cleaners that simultaneously sweep, mop and self-clean.

The word ‘bionic’ means biologically inspired engineering applied to products to give them greater powers of performance than their competitors. Hizero’s unique bionic polymer cleaning roller, which removes mess quietly and hygienically, was inspired by the way a dog uses its tongue to wipe a plate clean of both liquid and solids. The roller self-cleans as it turns, meaning your floors are only ever touched by a clean surface and with clean water.

Hizero’s UltimateClean™ hard floor cleaner also differs from traditional vacuum cleaners and mops because it does not release dust or allergens back into the air. Instead, it uses ‘no suction’ technology to capture them in specific compartments, making it a premium choice for people with asthma or allergies.

The Hizero F100 and F500 models that Solenco has brought to South Africa also differ from traditional vacuum cleaners in their ability to sweep and mop at the same time, while using less water and power to do so. They are lightweight, cordless, can run for 60 to 80 minutes before being recharged – goodbye, loadshedding hassles – and are angled to clean hard-to reach corners and under furniture with ease.

They accommodate South Africa’s indoor/outdoor lifestyle, effortlessly dealing with liquid and solid waste like pool- and rainwater, mud, pet and human hair, kids’ food and juice spills, dust, crumbs and other difficult-to-remove dirt that ends up on the floor.

Both the F100 and F500 models offer:

  • Triple disposal system – Smart separate clean and dirty water tanks, and a separate solid waste container to ensure effortless disposal.
  • Centralised compartments – offering easy access to rollers and waste containers to simplify maintenance.
  • High-density, gentle and self-cleaning roller – suitable for all hard floors including tiles, cement, wood and laminate.
  • One-touch operation – via simple controls and colour-coded signals.

The F500 retails at R12 999 from Solenco and offers the following unique features:

  • AirDry Technology that ensures minimal water is left behind, allowing for even quicker drying time.
  • Efficient 500ml clean and dirty water tanks that will clean 50 square metres of floor.
  • 60-minute runtime.

While the F100 retails for R8 999 and offers:

  • 700 clean water and 750ml dirty water tanks, to clean more flooring with fewer refills.
  • 80-minute runtime.

Hizero UltimateClean™ technology has another important feature: It is conversation-quiet at only 60dB. It won’t disrupt children’s nap times, Zoom calls or your favourite series binge.

Trevor Brewer, director at Solenco, says that Hizero is a considered addition to the Solenco portfolio of lifestyle and air treatment products. “When we look at new products, our aim is always to bring world-class technology into South African homes, and we believe that Hizero bionic mop and hard floor cleaners perfectly complement our existing range of humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air purifiers.

“Hizero enables South Africans to reap the benefits of cleaner, healthier living in the most convenient and seamless way.”

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