Your smile – this season’s must-have

Dear gentle readers, are you all anticipating the newest season with our favourite dukes, viscounts and feuding families as much as we are? Whether you’re a social butterfly or a wallflower, no one can argue that a pearly-white smile is the perfect accessory for every season!

Often when using a manual toothbrush, people will brush too hard, which can damage gums and wear off the enamel on teeth. A two-minute manual at-home brushing routine can very quickly be shortened to 30 seconds, something the Philips Sonicare’s “smart timer” and “quad pacer” take care of, notifying you when you should be finished brushing each quadrant of the mouth.

Sonic toothbrushes deliver a superior clean compared to a manual toothbrush, while being gentler on teeth and gums. With a Sonicare electric toothbrush, you can feel the difference of the powerful yet gentle sonic vibrations driving microbubbles deep between your teeth, letting the brush do more of the work for you.

Emma King, independent oral hygienist and general manager of Baltimore International – the supplier of the Philips Zoom, Philips Sonicare and Waterpik brands – gives us her top 3 tips for using a Sonicare toothbrush: 

  • Always speak to your dentist or oral hygienist about the model and the brush heads that would suit your personal needs the best. With so many different charging options, modes, sizes and strengths when it comes to the action of the brush, and the actual brush heads, it makes sense to spend your money wisely and get the maximum benefit out of your new Philips Sonicare.
  • Don’t rely on the brush to do everything for you. You should still brush in elliptical movements to enable your brush head to reach all the different parts of the tooth. The sonic action will ensure it takes your brushing to the next level, but you still need to be in control of the placement of the brush head.
  • As soon as the bristles on the brush start to look tired, replace them. If your brush can’t even hold its own shape, it definitely can’t remove the plaque and debris as effectively. The brush heads come in two sizes and have different models to take care of issues such as sensitivity or gum health, and will need to be changed every two to three months. 

Sonicare’s 31 000 to 62 000 brush strokes per minute break up and sweep away plaque, improving gum health and helping to prevent cavities. A Philips Sonicare toothbrush delivers more strokes in two minutes than a manual toothbrush could in a month. Its advanced sonic technology pulses water between teeth for a superior clean, keeping your teeth whiter and healthier for longer.

A great introduction to the brand is the easy-to-travel Philips One. This brush comes in a delightful Coral or Midnight Blue, and one AAA battery lasts for up to three months and is easy to change. It’s perfect to pop in your overnight bag.

Whether you are royalty or this season’s diamond, the newly launched Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean 9000 is the perfect luxury choice! This beautiful special edition electric toothbrush removes up to 10 times more plaque than a manual brush, and comes in either the stylish Amethyst and Black, or White. The Smart brush heads ensure you are using the right mode and intensity for the best possible clean, and the BrushSync technology automatically syncs your brush head with the Gum Health mode to help keep your teeth at their healthiest.

For those looking for a lightweight and ergonomic option, the mid-range Sonicare 3100 Series, available in sleek black, is rechargeable and features a built-in pressure sensor to ensure you aren’t pressing too hard. 

As we laugh and cry and sigh while watching and debating this season’s most desired suitor, don’t neglect your oral health. Binge watching all night is no excuse to forgo your twice-daily brushing routine. An electric toothbrush can help take care of your teeth, while you enjoy a healthier smile.

With that in mind, this season’s must-have is a Sonicare electric toothbrush. With a model for every budget, there’s sure to be one to catch your eye! 

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